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I'll over YOUR drive.

Overdrive :

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tbe later

but the thread is a very good idea x3
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Marry Christmas

Hope you all have a good Christmas.
Does it have to be about this year? D;
Because I missed it by waking up late. crying
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im donating to anyone in need of anything,
i gave this one girl on gaia a shirt shee really wanted,
and another gaian skinny jeans,
and another gaian shoes.. ect.

Awesome Idea!! Can't wait to participate. ;D
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If I do anything, I'll be sure to take pictures and tell the story!
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I suppose I'll just talk about what I do almost every year, around Christmas and Thanksgiving: There's a community volunteer group that my aunt, mother, and grandpa are a part of called the LIONS group, and every year we do one of two things - we either sort out and give away eyeglasses for people that can't afford them, or we sort donated food and ship it out to needy families for the holidays.

I have helped with both activities in the past, but this year, I am going to be helping to sort and give out food for the holidays. I can try and get pictures of the event when it happens (because I don't know the exact date yet), and talk about it a little more in detail when it happens. Generally though, I usually stay and help for 2-4 hours (I'm hoping to go for 4 this year). smile

"...But it is not the only end that we may choose."

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You guys rock sadly I am in no position to help out people in the community, but i do endorse those doing so. :nod:
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