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Hi Gaia,

Every year for the past 3-4 years I've given my christmas present money to a charity called The Heifer Project. Depending on how much money you give you are able to send a farm animal like a flock or geese or a goat or llama to a family in need in a foreign country. I usually give around $250-$300 and if you feel you want to check out the charity yourself here is the link.

Have a great holiday, Gaia.
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I have helped the Salvation Army collect food and put them in boxes for people who need food and I have bought in to my school 20 items of clothing for the needy. I have also gave a man on the streets my own Christmas money, which was $20 to get food and clothes.
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I wish for; Kottan Bell, Demonic Style, Wild Dawn. Help??
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I donated 40k to a random person
is that doing good??
: D

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Every year I help a non-profit organization called the H.E.L.P. fund. It stands for Help Every Little Person. Every year around christmas they collect donations of presents for family's that won't be able to give their children many gifts. There are many families all over the world that have this problem.... Christmas doesn' always come for everyone, but if you help bring christmas to a family in need, then yours becomes that much better. Just remember that during Christmas it's better to give, then to recieve.
merry christmas everyone!
I donated stuff to my nearby Boys and Girls Club. I also donated A LOT of clothing to the needy of my school and donated over 100 canned food which cost a lot hehe. I am also helping my sister hold a year book dance this Friday.
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1) Take pictures if you can
2) post them to the thread with a description of the event and what you're doing
3) send us an email to membertalk@gaiaonline.com with the URL to your post (click on the little yellow icon right by the word "posted" on the right to get the specific URL).

While pictures are great, it's ok if you can't take them - just give us a description of what you did, post it, and send it over as described above.

Does anyone not pay attention to the last sentence??
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how about donating me hermes moon ;D

it could be a good ;D
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Bah Humbug!
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i i i umm i helped out by donating food.....yayy :3
Donating to save the rainforests!^^
I don't celebrate Christmas, because no one knows when Jesus born. wink
Lol Katz
Hii ii dun like storiies they make me bleh D=

wuddu u mean by "bleh"
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I am the neighborhood big sister. One of the little girls in my neighborhood have been put through so much this year I have been doing my best to make this christmas season for her the best she has ever had. Her mother is sometimes a bit abusive and I am the one she runs too. She will be spending christmas with me and my family. This child has been put through so much this year with being put into the psych ward in the hospital, her mother slapping her, I wish I could do more but if she can have atleast one day of joy this year, that will make me the happiest person in the world.

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