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last year i donated a bunch of stuff animals and toys like remote control monster truckes and lots more to the fire station so they would give the toys to the Orphanage near the town i live in. it made me feal really warm inside esspecially when not a lot of people did it. i really would love to do it again if not this year, some year soon, it was a great thing to do and i hope the kids loved the gifts...i also hope this encourges others to do the same or even donate money for any cause that happen to catch your eye or anything like that. trust me when i'm saying that you'll feel like a better person for doing stuff for others, it just brings the spirit of Christmas closer to your heart and you realize how to appriciate the stuff you have and get the patience for the stuff you want. sometimes if you keep with that patience you realize that the thing you wanted wasn't what you wanted and use the money that you saved for that item on something else or for someone else. i think that if you take the time to read this you'll understand esspecially if you've done something like this or was thinking of doing something. Happy Holidays!User Image
I plan on giving to, "Fix For Life," because they fixed 4 cats of mine for a very low cost. Pretty much I just paid for the male.
You see, there is a really high population of cats in the city that I live in and a lot of the times the cats are left to die. They get poisoned, run over, left in the wilderness(when they are used to being taken care of), etc. It breaks my heart.

I'm hoping to give them 50 or 100 dollars some time this month.

Not to be an a** or anything, but I really do care about animals more than I do for humans. They are the most selfless beings on this planet.
IMO, animals are not the most selfless things on the planet. They are hardly selfless at all. Animals do what they can to either keep themselves alive or keep their species alive. it's all just natural selection with them. That's just what I think about that.
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ZOMG i randomly said this < 3nodding
If you watch A Christmas Story on December 24th nonstop like I do, you know that the holidays are a perfect time 1) Take pictures if you can
2) post them to the thread with a description of the event and what you're doing
3) send us an email to membertalk@gaiaonline.com with the URL to your post (click on the little yellow icon right by the word "posted" on the right to get the specific URL).

While pictures are great, it's ok if you can't take them - just give us a description of what you did, post it, and send it over as described above.

We'll take all the pictures and descriptions and move them to the front of this thread to show off the power of Gaia Doin' Good. We'll even pick a lucky few at random to receive a gold reward (with a bonus amount if you can work in a Gaia logo in the picture - that's not photoshopped, of course).

We can't wait to see some of these!
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YES! second biggrin

As part of the Save Ianto Jones campaign, a lot of fans of actor Gareth David-Lloyd have been donating to the UK Charity Children in Need. We've raised nearly 20,000 dollars so far.

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well..i volunteered to help out @ my JROTC shooting match last saturday..but nothing christmassy about that i'm afraid.. sweatdrop
i dont think we volunteer much in the winter months--we do for Halloween and Vietnamese New Year..
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.....you people and your lack of real words saddens me...oh yes, and lack of logic... emo
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Paka Ruri Kaila
.....you people and your lack of real words saddens me...oh yes, and lack of logic... emo

want me to whack em with my hammer?
this year i am going down to the homeless shelter and helping there for Christmas smile
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page 103 ? gonk crying crying crying
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Nothing too exciting this year, unfortunately. Donated some money to the Salvation Army's red kettles, watched the lighted trunk parade after donating some none-perishable food items to the Mustard Seed, and then will be helping my workplace put together a hamper for a local family in need.

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