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Hey wait.... mostly everyone here... is a girl..... WHA?!!! eek
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I have worked for the past 6 years at the Special Olympics (a sporting event for the mentally disables aka "special needs" wink . Im a judge in the softball throw. We (the girl scouts) measure, run, and support the softball throw. Its always touching to see them compete in a sport and have so much fun at the same time! I'll see if I have any pictures...
      I haven't really done anything lately, however I would like to deeply thank someone who helped me out a lot today. I had to leave the room in Health class (I'm very sensitive about certain subjects) and the teacher asked someone nearby to go with me. I ended up throwing up, and then fainting twice, and they had to wheel me to the nurses office. But even though I barely remember a thing, she stayed with me the whole time for support and even brought my bag to me from class, all the way on the other side of the school and up two floors. I never talked to her at all, but I am very grateful for what she did today and I feel bad I won't be able to tell her how much that meant to me until Thursday because the school is keeping me out (but I feel perfectly fine now).
      So to every person who is Doin' Good, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart! 3nodding
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This is such a beautiful idea! I love that Gaia is rewarding those who give back to their communities; that's wonderful. I hope I can participate this year or get some of my experiences on camera! ^__^

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im donating to anyone in need of anything,
i gave this one girl on gaia a shirt shee really wanted,
and another gaian skinny jeans,
and another gaian shoes.. ect.

Their not talking about Gaia..
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Akatsuki Kuroneko
Hey wait.... mostly everyone here... is a girl..... WHA?!!! eek
Okies den...................
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heart to e'ryone biggrin heart
ohhh huuum .__. huuuuuuuuuum sweatdrop can som1 xplain to me in a pm how can I post somthing I'm very helpful in mah community n I want ppl to figure out tht when u start with one step at time you'll go far!
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Hai gaia!!! 8D

And as for the event thing. I'll try to help, no promises but I'd like to take a pic to show biggrin
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The only thing I really did was help out at Ground Zero during 9/11...
i helped my grandma when she broke her leg and hip

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