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I can't figure out how to use Twitter for the life of me.
I don't have a Twitter, but I follow people through the Twitter RSS feeds. Including gaia_devs, and now yours. smile

Same here. I have been using RSS feeds to follow the zOMG developers as well as a couple other staff members for a while now since I don't really have a use for a Twitter account myself. I like the idea of using it more often for site updates, etc. since it is much quicker than searching through the forums for information, though incorporating it into the site for users who don't/can't use Twitter for whatever reason would be a great idea.
i tryed to sign in :/
i dont use twitter much
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twitter sucks 4laugh
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Twitter is another fad of the internet. Soon it will be replaced by a more annoying name.
heart Hi heart
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Shush! Mallory is speaking!

heart Nope heart

Mallory is done now, you have permission to say a word or two.

Mallory is questing! Donate? <3

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I'm surprised how many people think Twitter is stupid or just a social networking site. You're proposing using it for something useful, but people still think it's for telling people you're putting on socks.

I personally don't have an account, but I think it would be really good if Gaia did updates on Twitter. It's API makes it so it would be relatively easy to embed updates in the website, too.

This, except I have a Twitter, and honestly it's not THAT bad... It probably would be a good idea if Gaia could implement some way of getting their Twitter feeds onto the site itself, so those without a Twitter account won't feel left out of the loop of upcoming updates.
No, I do not follow plz on Twitter . stare
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M i r i a n a ♥ N i c c a ls

I have one but I never use it xD.

The only time it updates is for JamLegend and that's about it. I think I'll just start adding apps that allows it to send updates to it to make me seem active for any followers razz .

<3 M u r d o c ♥ N i c c a l s
Twitter is alright, not that great.

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