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I've never looked at Twitter before, honestly. .__. It'd never stay in my mind to keep checking either. Maybe I'll try to remember to take a look, though. xD

Of course, Gaia takes up almost all my attention. ;D
Twitter is dumb. ninja
Twitter is ridiculous. I find it laughable that people actually think anyone cares what they did with their day. And it's even more pathetic because some people do care. gonk Sad.
Yeah, I use Twitter too much so why not. Though I don't really like any other social sites.
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I'm surprised how many people think Twitter is stupid or just a social networking site. You're proposing using it for something useful, but people still think it's for telling people you're putting on socks.

I personally don't have an account, but I think it would be really good if Gaia did updates on Twitter. It's API makes it so it would be relatively easy to embed updates in the website, too.
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i dont think gaia should use twitter. twitter is a lame excuse to sit on ur butt for 15 more minutes idiotically
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I don't really have a Twitter account so yeah, I don't follow at all.
no.... rolleyes rolleyes
hellz no.....
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I try to avoid Twitter but I am a Facebook junkie.

For some reason, though, people follow me. I think I've posted 3 times in a year. confused
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I follow Twitter when I think about it xD I update it more for a character of mine rather than my personal account but I'm following you anyway xD
What is Twitter and what do you do on that site? confused
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I do use Twitter and I'm currently following @Fin101, @gaia_devs, and now you, @GaiaBiglanky14. I dunno...I was pretty skeptical of the site at first, sure I'd never really pick up on the whole tweeting craze, but I've found it's interesting to see what's going on with people and businesses from day to day. It's a fun way to keep in touch with friends too, although I generally prefer Facebook, LiveJournal and Gaia for that.
The way you guys are doing it now, just isn't right.
A lot of people on Gaia, do not have Twitter; have no idea what it is, or don't want to use it.

So figure out a way to get the Twitter thing onto Gaia. Cause some people (such as myself) hardly go offsite (Gaiaonline) to check something that should be on the site.

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