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I personally don't use it as much as I used to.
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I find the whole idea of Twitter maddeningly stupid and irritating, so I don't use it. Facebook is the only social network site that's bearable to me.

I suppose I wouldn't mind if there was Gaia Twitter feed, as long as it didn't interfere with updates on this site. 3nodding
my mom has a twitter ....=P there is a lot of stars who like that website !!!!=D
▌■I don´t really use Twitter, you guys should add yours =D■▐
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"I follow Sam and Max and Telltale and TV Tropes and Kingdom of Loathing and you guys and GoNintendo and GPX Plus and a roleplaying site.

...But, I don't check it often."
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Yeah I just joined up last week.... it's ok I guess.
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User Image As much as I would like to follow what is going on at/with Gaia and its peeps, I don't think I'll ever be using Twitter and don't understand why people would want to broadcast all their personal business. I have enough problems with internet stalkers... Social networking sites are becoming overwhelmingly frustrating to use. Gaia is really the only social site I like to "hang out" on and I'm trying to do all my other networking on a more professional level. neutral
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I follow some people on twitter, I just keep forgetting to tweet anything every so often.
I'm only following (from Gaia) Fin right now, who is also following me. surprised
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I can't even figure out how that thing works.

If the Gaia Staff is using Twitter.
Then have some kind of page that will do a direct image update of Twitter on Gaia. Perhaps put it in the Announcements page, or link it to OMGaia.

Like the "My Status" thing on My Gaia.
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I've had twitter for over a year Dx
but i hardly check up on it.
it's pretty irritating.
i joined... 14 months ago. 108 updates since then. rofl

No I don't use Twitter.

If I use anything for checking up updates and all, are RSS Feeds on my browser : <
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i do not have an account on twitter. i didnt learn about it till i saw it on the news
i dont use anything like twitter.
i play mostly gaia, and drawing games, when im bored go to addictinggames and bored.com.

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