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Hey everyone,

Just wondering how many of you regularly use Twitter to follow people? I have my own account at GaiaBiglanky14 that I use to put out Gaia news occasionally, but if there are a lot of people who'd like to get alerted that way to new/cool stuff going on (in addition to normal site announcements, posts in OMGaia, etc.) then I'll start using it more. If you've avoided all media lately and don't know what Twitter is, check out their site at www.twitter.com - you can use it to get all sorts of updates, including alerts sent right to your phone if you want.

Just sign up to follow me over there, and we'll go from there!
I gave up on social networking sites when MySpace wouldn't let me change my e-mail from one I couldn't access. It didn't seem like anything special to start with and a short bout on Facebook only served to renew my dislike of them.
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Edit: zOMGDev regularly updates about zOMG maintenance, but Gaia Devs appears to be abandoned.
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User ImageDon't be silly. You know darn well that Gaia is the only site I ever look at.
Wow, only 4 posts. I don't use twitter.
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I don´t really use Twitter, you guys should add yours =D

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Not usually, seeing as how I don't have my own twitter. I have buddies that stalk you guys though, so whatever they find out I know. I do have other sources from places I can find some of ya'll though, though that's normally the artists of Gaia.
Ya'll admins are much sneakier, and can attempt a bearable internet life. cool
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I just got it last night.
No, never bothered with Twitter. Or Myspace. Or Facebook. Heck, it took my friends two years to convince me to join Gaia! What I'd like to see, though, is some kind of Twitter-like system on Gaia where devs post things we want to know and we can choose whether or not to get them. Kinda like a blend of announcements and journals.
i have a twitter, but i don't use it. all u do is follow people and update your status constantly.
myspace and gaia r way better ;D
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@ dualsaber: I think that's the point of this entire forum ninja

Anyway, I don't use Twiter at all... I'm way behind all these fashionable sites sweatdrop

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COOL MAN cool cool cool
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I started out on Twitter to follow Stephen Fry, very funny Twitter posts.

I'm now following the three Gaia peeps mentioned in this thread.

Twitter can be dull - as can MySpace, Facebook et al - if people post things like 'making a cup of tea' followed by 'drinking a cup of tea' but short succinct Twits are interesting and following people allows you to keep track in once place and see all updates at once.
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I do but I find it boring.Maybe if I had a life it would be more for me. I think it's more hype than anything.

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