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luv it (^.^)
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i don't want to cuz it might take more space from my lap top and it'll start to run slow later in the future. heart sweatdrop stare
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I like this blog and the contest mrgreen its so cool go gaia!
hi whats up people i love gaia exclaim
love this wait do we get gold for this
hi people hope your haveing fun XD
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wut do in times like these
I need money for my dream avatar

User Image

Help me get a little of your money , thz

User Image

And also if someone does not need rings zOMG! if you can donate it to me
id use it for real things that i really need and when i need it i wont use it for buying everything i can find
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Id help all my friends with dream avis, and the some dream avis of my own. then i would most likely go around helping noobs. I didn't get help, but i like helping others anyways XD
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i would love to have that much money
Wow Thanks for telling^^ but i have a question How do you get RSS feed notifications?? i was confused on that part
will if u really want money u have to do it or u might get those ink that ppl want too so u sell it to them
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{{ }}

The blog is really great, but I don't use anything that has an RSS Feed.

But I do check gaia frequently. Is there any way we can get an option to get an notification or announcement of some sort? [...PM?]

Edit: OH. Firefox does use RSS Feeds. Lovely~!

I use FF, but in general, I don't really know how to use RSS, and though people claim it to be simple, it sounds incredibly complicated to me, .... with the new 'Posting for millions' contest, I was hoping to sub to the blog, however, IMHO, a notification / PM Via Gaiaonline would probably be easier for RSS no0bs such as myself 3nodding whee

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