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Wow.... If I knew anything could fail.... This would be ranked 1. I've eaten durian since I was like, 7. They are everywhere in Singapore and other Asian countries. They are however, due to their pungent smell, prohibited in most public transport.

Called the King of Fruits for its large size (though they can be pretty small), unique odor and thorn covered husk, it is revered in South east Asia.

The fruit can be bright, creamy yellow, to a paler, creamy white in color. They generally have seeds in them, varying in sizes.

I think it is quite offensive to compare a fruit to such insults- Durian is DEFINITELY NOT SLIMY. Despite the smell, once you get pass it, the fruit can be sweet. Westerners, due to their lack of adventure in food, are usually unable to take the taste of durian and can compare it to 'animal waste', 'onions', 'lavatory'....

Such a disappointment. One would think, no offense to such westerners, that they would be able to handle something bigger than Durian. It really isn't a very big deal. Maybe if one could widen their scope, they might actually be able to see what Durians are all about.

No offense, but honestly, everything's just in your head. If you think it looks bad, it looks bad. If you think it smells bad, it smells bad. But you HAVE TO AT LEAST TASTE IT TO SEE WHAT IT'S ACTUALLY LIKE!

By the way, Durian cream puffs are actually really good. I can't resist not eating them every time I return to Singapore.
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Its a durian an very famous at Asia..they are sold at the streets sometimes
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Alea Iacta Est
Durians are quite ammazing
The Die Has Been Cast
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Durian is so nasty =_=;;
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Sir Anonymously
From the Gaia Online Blog.

Stinky Business!
This is totally random, but some of the Gaia Staff were spotted opening and investigating a very strange fruit. It's not only strange, but it's stinky. Who likes to eat stinky...(click here for full story)

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