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Allowing names to be recycled can cause a lot of problems.. First off, I tried reading the whole blog but it gave me an error.. so I'm not able to read the whole thing, so my option is based on what I have read in the first post.

The reason this may cause a lot of problems is if you look at it a couple of ways.. If someone were able to say use one of my old mules name, I use this this mule for a shop and do plan on re-opening the shop but its taking a while.. I haven't been on this mule for a little over 4 years. So anywho my point is if someone uses that name for the avatar name then what will mine be changed into for my shop mules name or will you completely delete that account? If things are not changed on the original account where the name is in use, then what will happen when I log in to use that account, trades will be messed up because now there are two people with that same username, this can cause a lot of problems with trades going to the wrong person if people are able to use the same username as others who haven't logged in for however long.. People tend to come back, I have a couple of friends who have left for 3 or more years and have come back.. Some people need to take long breaks from gaia.
Now I do understand there are some accounts who have permanent bans on them, the ones that no one can ever get into or back on.. these ones I can see gaia recycling their names. But the main question still stands, What will happen to the users name you plan to recycle, will their username be changed to something else since they can no longer have their username they have picked, will there be double users who have the same name, if so what will happen with trades, pms and everything? Also if someone is gone for over two years and then comes back, how would they be able to log onto the site if you have changed their username..

So with all these weird and out of place questions, I think it would be best to leave things alone and not recycle anyones usernames.. because the only way I see the recycling of usernames going so well is to delete accounts, but gaia as already promised its users that this will never happen.. since so many people have asked and tried.. and if gaia does start deleting accounts it's saying to its users that if you are gone for so many years, beware your account might be or will be deleted this is unfair to those of us who join the service, or might be starting a family, or a new career and need those two or so years off of gaia..

So I do not thing this is a great idea or anything else. Its a bad idea, and I mean a really bad idea.

Edit: sorry I was clicking the wrong link.. I can now view the blog.
Now that I have viewed the blog I find this statement kind of rude to old users "if the user returns, we can reset their username to something new and they won’t have to pay the fee to change their username (if applicable)" to me that means if I changed my name a couple of times while I was on here before my leave.. and had used up my two or however many free name changes, and if I return and find I no longer have my username I have to pay for it to be changed even though I never wanted it to be changed..

Also as for that blog.. where is the damn announcement letting the users know about this.. I for one had found this thread by stalking a friend of mine.. not because I some how say this thread.. I never come into this forum, I didn't know gaia had a blog thing.. So that was the first time of me seeing that thing.. I don't know what pisses me off more.. gaia changing a person's username just because that said person hasn't been online, or them not doing an announcement about it to inform all its users.

And you all can't say I have no other name I would like because I do.. there are a couple of usernames that are in use that I would like to have and the owner of those names haven't logged in for a long time.. But you wanna know what.. That's the point of us picking our own usernames and being able to keep them.. regardless if we are online all the time or take breaks from gaia..
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While i see the possible usefullness to it, I also have one major issue with it. A lot of people leave gaia or go on extended hiatuses and then return. Artists are known by their usernames and people are generally more recognisable by old friends if they still have their old username. If you really want to recycle usernames, can we at least have an opt out tickbox or make it longer than 2 years? User Image

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This is an awesome idea. I approve, although it should be reserved for users who have less than 100 posts or something as well as not logging in for two years.
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awesome idea C: two years is in my opinion too much, but I guess many have a problem with one, the idea is still fantastic, the problems it might cause are totally worth it in my opinion. Thank you Staff =D

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OH MY GOD@!!!1


Question - how will old accounts be accessed?
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Sounds good to me, thank you! User Image
I don't know how I feel about this. Gaia staff had legitimate and decent reasons to not recycle old usernames, and they were stated countless times, so why the change of heart all of a sudden? It just doesn't seem fair to take away someone's name just because a newer user whined about not being able to have it.

I know people who had to leave Gaia for over 2 years. They came back. It isn't fair to the users who had to leave, They didn't have a choice.

The recycling new names should only apply to those who are permanently banned with no hope of ever getting their account back.
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yes a good question - how will old accounts be accessed if people aren't currently active to speak up for their accounts?

people coming back from a hiatus will try to log into their accounts and might believe they got hacked or lost their password...
There is a name i really want for a different account Sha Sha or Sha-kun ad both havnt logged in in a vry log time
I'm not so sure about this. What about people who take a long absence from Gaia, or people who made an account and simply can't log in because they forgot their password and the email used for that account? There are many reasons why this isn't such a good idea.
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the names i wanted were people
who created the accounts and never logged in again. :p

i'd say make the waiting time a little longer though. D:
2 years is too soon?? >O>;;;
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Terrible idea. I don't like such a thing to change after so many years. It makes me feel unsafe to take a needed hiatus from the site.

Try 4 or 5 years, or the less then 100 posts. You guys are treading on eggshells with this much information.

Is this only a temp thing though for Earth day? Or staying for good?
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I have the name I want lol, so this doesn't affect me, but Its a good idea

I mean people can complain about their mule accounts getting changed and stuff, but for the vast majority of this argument, the amount of accounts out there that haven't been accessed in at-least 2 years, only a small percentage of those are people who are going to be coming back. The vast majority of those are going to be people who tried Gaia then quit, therefore clogging up the available names for people who actually play Gaia. We can't cancel this great idea for a few people I personally think. Its unfortunate, but Its really going to open up loads of names for Gaians, either long-time members or newbies!
I think this is a very bad idea neutral
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The recycling new names should only apply to those who are permanently banned with no hope of ever getting their account back.

This is the only reason that I would support for recycling usernames.

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