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From the Gaia Online Blog.

Recycling of the Pixel Kind
With Earth Day coming up, we thought we'd join in and do some recycling of our own. After 7 years, we're finally going to do some username recycling! Don't worry, if you're here to read this post, your username won't be recycled because...(click here for full story)

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Thats a great idea! (Way to go magical people who come up with amazing ideas!!) mrgreen
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Thank you, THANK you so much! heart
I don't know how I feel about this. Gaia staff had legitimate and decent reasons to not recycle old usernames, and they were stated countless times, so why the change of heart all of a sudden? It just doesn't seem fair to take away someone's name just because a newer user whined about not being able to have it.
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I dibs sakura!
Just kidding,
But its a great thing!! biggrin
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I definitely like this idea! Then I can hopefully drop the Ltd 3nodding
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hm... i don't know what to think, but maybe it will be a good think... but i need to log into my husband account really fast! i don't want him to lose his username!
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I think it's a good idea! I just hope people don't get their hopes up thinking they can claim my name.
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Yes please, Gaia. D:
I will love you forever if this works out good. <3
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While it's a good idea in theory I thought changing things would screw up the system. If you reset account names for people who haven't logged on for two years or more then what will you change them to? Will they be set to the account number? And how will people know what their new account name is if they do decide one day to come back and use their Gaia account. It is possible people can come back after being gone for two or more years like me. It's a very good thing I didn't decide to make my three year hiatus happen in 2007 because then I would lose a piece of my identity all over the net (I tend to use the same user name or some variation of it on every website I go to).
A great Idea but (there is always a but)
I would make it three years.
I Know peaple who take a brake form Gaia, after two years many come back.

how would one logg on if one had been gone for some time and the user name was changed?
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Awesome idea.
After thinking about it, Is it really awesome? What about the people on hiatus? neutral
And if the people come back, How would they know there username was changed?
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Tiny Puppy

I really don't know if this is a good idea. Names are an identity. How do you deal with the confusion of seeing somebody new using the name of an old friend who was just on two years ago? What about people in the military & are away from their account for an extended period of time? What about users who are deceased that have friends who still drop by to pay their respects?
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Aids Of Win
Awesome idea.
After thinking about it, Is it really awesome? What about the people on hiatus? neutral
And if the people come back, How would they know there username was changed?

I imagine that they would get an email or something.

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