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From the Gaia Online Blog.

Introducing Gaia Online's Blog
We experimented with a forum-style blog and that was fun, but not nearly as fun as having a real, live, shiny blog! So, here we are writing to you from Gaia HQ...(click here for full story)

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Cool beans!
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Ah! This is cool! Imma follow this blog through RSS feeds! whee

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      ˳This is great! I get to keep informed on your Tweets without having to join and I get a blog to check out as well whee
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Hmm... o_oa I don't get why a blog was made--I think an official blog forum would suffice.
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As been said... an official blog forum would have sufficed.
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Just as spammy as this "News" forum is.
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Blog thing, very cool and convenient. 3nodding

But I hope Gaia can maintain such things. Because you guys are quite spread out right now.
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yup this is the funest game i ever play i want hermes moon too 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
ok .i think this would be fun
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Interesting blog. Would love to have the link to the blog easily accessible, for quick access. Maybe around the surf bar?

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