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and it leaves to few questions.
where is gino headed with sen and overseer?
will somebody get revenge for johnny?
will there be free pie?
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I can't believe this noooo in our memory Gino will be always alive. crying
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I have a complaint.
Some of the Gaia staff were smiling in those photos!
That's no way to mourn his death.

Was there a Will? Was I left anything?

D= He will be missed!
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lol, now that he's gone, I'm trying to figure out who he is. Nice crayon art on the first page btw.
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He will be missed....

cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart cry heart
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Pft... Gambino. He had what was coming to him for hurting the two beloved and endering goddess, the Von Helson sisters. He does not deserve any of the FAKE tears people have been showing, this is a time to celebrate! Ding dong the vindictive d**k is dead, and never again will we have to suffer at his insane plans that profit no one but himself!

Gambino lets hope you will be gone forever. twisted heart
*attempts to knock over his urn*
Your avatar totally made your post
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that was the fakest cries i ever seen!
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Curse the day ...

Now he's couting gaia goldz between the clouds crying

... Hail the night!
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Loyal Gaian

We have the technology, we can rebuild him.
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He will be Missed crying
I was completely stunned when I heard people talking about it... I almost didn't believe it. I thought he would make a daring and dramatic return, filling the air with his booming laughter...

Such a terrible loss; my deepest condolences to Edmund... Those two were thick as thieves.
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crying the 1 thing imma miss most is those hawt sweaty naked pillow fights
-eats the pickle of depression-

Its otay!
I gots them on video for chu biggrin
rest in peace gambino rest in peace you have all taught us lesons
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HOW COULD HE DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
wait...in those pictures they act like it was a REAL person...
anyway can sen bring him back to life?!

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