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From the Gaia Online Blog.

Gambino's Memorial Service
It's a somber time here at Gaia HQ. The shock and grief over Johnny Gambino's death is overwhelming. We held a memorial service in his honor over the weekend, but due to the private nature of the event, no filming was allowed. All we have are some photos, contributed by an anonymous source. We know that many of you are as devastated as we are, so we thought we should share some of our sentiments for this great Gaian hero....(click here for full story)

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Zero's shaggy mane of hair completely mirrors my thoughts on the loss of Gambino, they are both dark and complex. T__T

I really just wanted to name drop Zelo!

I love the memorial service photos. xD
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he was the ugly one right?
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LOL you guys are funny xD
wait who was he? Dx
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His ashes should be placed where all may see it.
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Did ya'll really have a real-life Gambino that died or is this just part of the Gaian world?
why he have to go he was so youn......ohh wait a mintute he was old i dont feel so bad
Nooo, he was my favorite NPC!
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Gambino will be missed. TToTT
Did ya'll really have a real-life Gambino that died or is this just part of the Gaian world?

gaian world or real world he will be remembered to all of us r.i.p. homez
lol he will be back he always comes back, and if not thanks for the pen.
He was a kind, gentle man when he thought to be...I'll always treasure the pen he gave me.

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