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It makes the world younger again.
yay! earth day!
Liliya Ivanova
Yaya!Earth Day! heart
awesome we should respect the earth instead of pollutin it and killing the planet xp
woop earth day
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help me outt
I need money for my dream avatar

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Help me get a little of your money , thz

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And also if someone does not need rings zOMG! if you can donate it to me
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I'm all about keeping it as green as possible - Go Earth Day!
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Gaia Is Just A Place For Me To Type Out All The Evil Thoughts In My Head...
Go Earth.User Image
Things I Shouldn't Be Thinking About.
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From the Gaia Online Blog.

Earth Day - 40th Anniversary
Earth Day started in 1970 by a U.S. Senator by the name of Gaylord Nelson. He wanted to teach people about the Earth and how to care for our environment. This day caught on quickly due to a large variety of environmental groups who were working towards...(click here for full story)

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It does both parties a favor. The other person will be expecting a response they won't get, they shouldn't be wasting their time on a post that won't get read.

Also if someone quotes you (who is on your ignore list), that probably means you guys have differing opinions and get in arguments a lot - you would not want someone like this to be able to comment on/reply to your posts even if you don't see it. Other people might see it and see you not respond, which might make some people to believe that you agree with their opinions when that may not be the case. Either way ignored people should not be able to have the opportunity to comment/respond to your posts if they've earned a spot on your ignore list. They should not be able to contact you in any way and this includes quoting you in regular threads.

With your argument you might as well argue that ignored people should still be able to post in a person's self-authored thread but that the OP just won't see it. If people really want to contact someone they could just BBC quote the OP's first post in a chatterbox thread too. Yet we still have that feature where we can't post in a thread authored by someone who has you on ignore. It seems a given that this should be replicated for regular posts too regardless of the BBC circumvention. Also you should know, if people do try to circumvent the ignore system with BBC, you can report them for harassment.

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