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Will you be attending the Gaia Events at Sakura Con?

Yes I'll be attending the Gaia Events at Sakura Con 0.44559585492228 44.6% [ 86 ]
I might attend the Gaia Events at Sakura Con 0.3160621761658 31.6% [ 61 ]
I'm not able to attend but I want to vote for the gold 0.23834196891192 23.8% [ 46 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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On the website it said something about getting an item if you donate blood this year.

You get an item every year. Last year it was a portal tshirt and a random dvd. Sadly all they had left was S tshirts and I wanted to give mine to my boyfriend since he loves Portal.

What time did you donate blood last year?
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Ice-Cold Assailant


What time did you donate blood last year?

Sunday morning. I was going to Friday but I was running late and almost everything I wanted to do was on Saturday last year.
I'll be there! 4laugh
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sweet i was wondering the other day if you were going to be coming out again this year.

last years panels were a blast! cant wait :3

ill be running around as a hunter or red scout
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I'm so excited to go!
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I will try showing my pikachu self there ;DDD
I'm going. I may be a little out of it as I'll be donating blood the same day but I'm still going.

I donated blood at the con last year and it made me all woozy for the last day but I still had fun.

The sad thing is I'm scared of needles sweatdrop

Need someone to hold your hand? 4laugh
If the nurse knows what the ******** they are doing; at most you should feel someone pinching you for a split second and then its over. Also, don't stare at the needle. It helps a lot. I know that seems hard to do but focus on something else.

I use to have my blood drawn every friday from ages 4-8. And every time I get a physical (about every 3 months) I get blood drawn. So its never really bothered me.

As for me and the blood drive...I can't even donate blood, as much as I'd like to. I have a heart condition and getting that much blood drawn from me would likely put me into some weird coma or something. I actually don't know. I've never donated blood before. Just my doctors said I couldn't due to they have no idea what kind of effect it would have on my heart.
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Is there a meet up? Like a place so where I can meet all of you? Next to the water fountain by the Star Trek booth.
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I will be going and i love it every time i go cause it so much fun. gaia_angelleft GO GAIA gaia_angelright
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I heart the guy that comes to the sc panels dressed like Link with an EPIC accent. EVERY YEAR.
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I live like four hours away from SEATTLE DAMNIT WHY CAN'T THEY COME TO VANCOUVER. -cries- I have no way to get there..nd my boyfriend works Thursday,Friday,Saturday.. :_:
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Six years in a row, baby! w00t!!1! ninja pirate ninja pirate

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. I'll be doing my usual Kakashi getup, and I might have a new costume up my sleeve...
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I'll be there all three days! Maybe I'll stop in!
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