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Will you be attending the Gaia Events at Sac Anime?

Yes I'll be attending the Gaia Events at Sac Anime 0.34351145038168 34.4% [ 45 ]
I might attend the Gaia Events at Sac Anime 0.36641221374046 36.6% [ 48 ]
I'm not able to attend but I want to vote for the gold 0.29007633587786 29.0% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 131 ]
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biggrin ill be there
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Yes I will definitely attend - and will bring other Gaians with me. biggrin
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Dude! I wanna go because I like seeing all the costumes, but I probably won't because I never have time. Correction, my step dad is busy. Blah! Oh well:/
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The chances of me going are really big wink
hope i can make it d!> wink
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I'll be there Sunday at least.
I'll try to make it to the Gaia booth but i'll be sticking with my group for the most part. Expect TONS of Naruto cosplay on Sunday.
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Ill be attending ^^
Feel free to talk with me.
Ill be the alice madness returns cosplayer xD
{see sig below if you dont know who that is, And if you dont know- SHAME}
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I'm going! So excited!
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The Amazing tikal123
I'm going! So excited!

imma be there with her!!!! so excited!!!!
what time/days?
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So where is the activity schedual, and where is the website where i can see tix prices and stuff like that??
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There's a very small chance. I'll be there IF the planets are aligned and I get funding and time.
If not, everybody have fun and I'll see you at Fanime 2013!
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It's only forty-five minutes away and I can afford the door price, so I really have no good excuse to not go. xd Well, aside from the fact I don't really know anyone who'd want to go to an anime convention and I really wouldn't want to go alone - maybe I'll bring along my niece or something.
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DJ Helsing
Is there no variety hour this time?
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i dunno if i can go, i mean i live near sacramento, but i'm probably going to be too busy too even make time crying

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