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Someone got me a ticket for Saturday.
I just found out. lol I'll probably go as my own made up school girl uniform thing.
Last year I was Kurisu Makise, but my hair doesn't look like hers anymore, so I can't use that costume. :

Anyway, you are 5 hours away? surprised
That's a pretty long distance. Must be really exciting, doing a long trip for a big event. smile
I hope you have a blast. ^^ Maybe I'll see you around.
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anyone going to the gaia panel that would try to get an extra sheet of the code for free gold and an item for me???! i can't go this year and EXTREMELY bummed out. i went last year and had a blast but i cant go this year cuz of money issues. T^T if someone out there is so kind enough to get a sheet from the panel for me and would give me the code, I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL! biggrin i will even see if i have an awesome item to giveaway! biggrin heart

There are a few of us going, I will see what I can do heart
But, no promises. I can be forgetful and have lots of things to pick up for lots of people! sweatdrop

omg, that would be so awesome! thank you very much for trying! biggrin heart heart heart 4laugh
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Ok, since my computer is still being fixed, I can't put up any pictures of my cosplays. So I'm wondering, does anyone have/seen any pictures of me? I'd like to show them off. I was:

- Commander Shepard in the Hoodie casual wear on Friday
- Novice Mage from Skyrim on Saturday
- Ethan/Gold from HeartGold/SoulSilver on Sunday
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had epic time this weekend!!!
wish gaia had more than just the 1 panel though : (


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