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Will you be attending the Gaia Events at New York Comic-Con?

Yes I'll be attending the Gaia Events at New York Comic-Con 0.42748091603053 42.7% [ 56 ]
I might attend the Gaia Events at New York Comic-Con 0.23664122137405 23.7% [ 31 ]
I'm not able to attend but I want to vote for the gold 0.33587786259542 33.6% [ 44 ]
Total Votes:[ 131 ]
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Welcome to the New York Comic-Con 2012 Official Sticky!

Gaia Online is proud to bring you the New York Comic-Con 2012 Official Gaia Events and Activities. Times and locations are listed on the convention page.

We’re happy to bring you this official thread where you can discuss the convention and the Gaia events as well as plan meeting times and locations with your fellow Gaians.

Also be sure to check out the New York Comic-Con 2012 Gaia Convention Schedule.

We look forward to seeing you all at New York Comic-Con 2012!
Gaia Online Experience Friday, October 12 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Come meet Gaia’s staff, and get a sneak peek at upcoming features, games, and events while enjoying fun, games, contests and random awesomeness. We’ve got some cool surprises and fantastic prizes up our sleeve, so come prepared for a good time. Stick around for the open-mic Q&A session and get your burning questions answered! Expect plenty of fun and some great prizes for all!
I'm really saddened by the lack of response to this thread. I'm stopping by in my Wondergirl outfit.
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I can't wait to finally be able to get to a panel!!!!
I have been trying for YEARS!!!

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Huzzah! Hopefully I can finally pop in!

Expect a Sailor Neptune ( or Zombie depending on the day! )
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woot! See you guys there! xp heart 4laugh
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I am so excited for Gaia to be back in NYC...close to home for me, hooray smile
see you guys there nyaa~ cat_smile
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I am going to try to go again this year to the panel. I am working there...so there is a chance i might be able to sneak off. lol
I'll be there!
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i was already going to comic con, this just made things SOOOOO Much better, i have been wishing to attend a Gaian event heart really excited now whee
What do we do there?
Specific examples? whee
IS THERE FOOD? emotion_omnomnom emotion_jawdrop
What do we do there?
Specific examples? whee
IS THERE FOOD? emotion_omnomnom emotion_jawdrop

At the whole convention or at the gaia panel/event?

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