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Shameless Saint

Hullo hullo!
My friends and I are planning something special for Katsu19!
I'm sure you all know of the wonderfully frightening and popular game, Slender.
We're hoping to make a live action version of it and we'll need lots of players!

The players will be in three groups:
Live Notes, Slendermen, and 'Seekers' (because I'm not sure what else to call them...)

There will be eight Live Notes.
LNs will carry various tokens and once a seeker collects a token from the LN,
the LN must move to a different location in the playing area.
This is why we call them 'live.'
Attire: LNs will wear a shirt with the image of one of the notes from the game on it.
Please buy your own shirt! I'm sorry, but can't provide shirts for you guys.
People planning to go as a LN will have to call dibs on the image they want so we don't get doubles.

There will be eight to twelve Slendermen. Maybe more depending on how many seekers we have.
The main thing SMs need to do is catch the seekers (duh).
Once a seeker is caught, you will take all tokens they have collected.
I'm not too sure what else we will be having SMs doing.
Attire: If you want to be a SMs and don't really have 50 bucks for a white morphsuit, fear not!
All you really need is a morphmask and some white gloves and you're set!
Oh, and, of course, the suit... That's kinda crucial...

Seekers shall be infinite!
OK, maybe not infinite, but we haven't set a limit for how many yet.
However, there may be a limit for the number of seekers during a certain time period. We're still working it out.
As stated before, all you really need to do is collect tokens from the LNs and avoid being caught by any Slendermen lurking about.
Attire: Seekers can wear what ever they want and cosplayers are very much welcome.

Like I stated in the title, we're still working out the details, so I'll be posting and editing this post as we figure stuff out.