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Will you be attending the Gaia Events at Fanime Con?

Yes I'll be attending the Gaia Events at Fanime Con 0.12605042016807 12.6% [ 405 ]
I might attend the Gaia Events at Fanime Con 0.21942110177404 21.9% [ 705 ]
I'm not able to attend but I want to vote for the gold 0.65452847805789 65.5% [ 2103 ]
Total Votes:[ 3213 ]
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sereneIrina's avatar

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Going to Fanime this year! So, second time going, second anime convention ever, and I'm really excited for the Gaia panel. biggrin
wolfy shinigami's avatar

Familiar Shapeshifter

i'll be going with my BF! we have a really cool costume idea, and we'll be taking pictures and hopefully be able to go to the gaia panels this year.
Marrionette89's avatar

Beloved Rogue

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I am so going to Fanime Con 2012! I can't wait heart
Kyos_girl_4_ever's avatar

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(is now a Santa Clararian, close enough to be a San Joseian) Huzzah college being only down the street from SJSU~!
Me: Samus Aran (Varia Suit... NOT Zero Suit)
Brother: *****
Boyfriend: Edward Elric (or a zombie apacolypse guy)
VampireDraculina's avatar

Friendly Gaian

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I will be attending this also this year for sure heart
Akasha Heartilly's avatar

Shameless Nerd

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I just hope the panel is on Sunday, cause I can't make Fanime on Saturday.
Ayane_90's avatar

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  • Consumer 100
x] I cant wait for Fanime again heart , it shall be my second time going, i wanted to do a whole weekend there but unfortunate my wallet says otherwise sweatdrop so i'll make the best of it for a day mrgreen
Vindex-San's avatar

Distinct Gaian

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  • Consumer 100
cant wait to go.
Kouki Elska's avatar

Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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Is the game show going to require a convention badge to get into? What about just the booth? I only planned to buy a badge for Sunday, since that's when I plan to go shopping for sale stuff, and can't afford multiple days... >_<
Kane64's avatar

Romantic Borg

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I will be going to the con and to the panel as well. Looking forward to some free swag at the panel too. biggrin
going to fanime it will be my first time :{D
look for a neko girl in a black rose dress and possibly tights, maybe a teddy bear ^^ thats mee~!
Luca Cantellano's avatar

Beloved Fairy

User Image

Sooo excited!! I'll be going as well!

Probably going to dress up in my classic Lolita outfit... Since I cosplayed last year, and it was fun, I figured I should take a rest this year. People stopping you to take your picture can get tiring if you are trying to run across the convention to get to a panel in time.... Though I do miss little kids running up to me shouting, "Luka! It's Luka Megurine!!" :'D
inu no bakax's avatar

Ruthless Ladykiller

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I hope I can be there!
It'll be my first time at Fanime, but I usually go to other cons. It would be nice to see Gaia there!
Where in the convention center is the Gaia Game Show going to be held? I want to attend but I can't if I don't know where to go.

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