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When on Saturday would you like the meet to be held? (Afraid I cannot run it after about 1)

Earlier than normal: 11am 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 3 ]
Same as normal: About 12am/half 12 0.23809523809524 23.8% [ 5 ]
Later than normal: Around 3pm 0.19047619047619 19.0% [ 4 ]
It doesn't matter to me. 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 21 ]
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Friendly Gaian

» I had so much fun cosplaying this weekend! I hope everyone else had fun. Now we all recover until May. xD
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i shall be ther ein may again muahahahahaha smile
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Dapper Dabbler

Expo was soooooo good but oh so very exhausting. I am SUPER EXCITE for May though asdfghjkl as I'll be going as Izzy from Digimon~~ ^_^

I'm guessing everyone had a good time tooo? C:
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Friendly Gaian

» If anyone's interested, here are some of my photos of other cosplayers, and here are some of my photos /with/ other cosplayers. :c
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Gutted that I didn't know about you guys, d'ya think that you'll organise something for may?
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Friendly Gaian

» We always do. ^_^
Luchina de Marie
Gutted that I didn't know about you guys, d'ya think that you'll organise something for may?

as ieuphemia said we always organise a meet at the expos some times midlands too, but next years stuff will be in a new thread so if you dont want to miss the new thread, stick around here.
he's dead jim
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Oh god sorry life has really caught up with me recently. Will make the new thread today D;
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Always good that Gaia visits Europe. biggrin heart
is there a 2013 thread/

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