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Will you be attending the Gaia Events at Anime Weekend Atlanta?

Yes I'll be attending the Gaia Events at Anime Weekend Atlanta 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 30 ]
I might attend the Gaia Events at Anime Weekend Atlanta 0.28888888888889 28.9% [ 26 ]
I'm not able to attend but I want to vote for the gold 0.37777777777778 37.8% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 90 ]
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Welcome to the Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 Official Sticky!

Gaia Online is proud to bring you the Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 Official Gaia Events and Activities. Times and locations are listed on the convention page.

We’re happy to bring you this official thread where you can discuss the convention and the Gaia events as well as plan meeting times and locations with your fellow Gaians.

Also be sure to check out the Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 Gaia Convention Schedule.

We look forward to seeing you all at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013!


Unfortunately Gaia will be unable to attend AWA this year.

I greatly regret canceling this event but look forward to seeing all of you in the future at other convention tour stops in the future!
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heart heart heart
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im ready for awa nowwwwww heart heart heart heart heart
I totally missed last year's events lmao.
So I will have to make sure to make it to this year's during the weekend. heart
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can't wait.
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I can never find the events...I get lost
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I'm going as Reno and causal trafalgar law!!!
Being causal ace if I can get my friends hat!!! xp heart blaugh
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Russian Vodka Winter
I can never find the events...I get lost

that first entrance u go in before the elevator/stairs it on the right, by the the restaurant
I wanna go, but I have to work gonk
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I wasn't able to attend any of the events last year, but the year prior I was able to go to the Gaia panel with a friend. I'm hoping to be there this year. (:
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hey i went to the awa panel last year and didnt get that IRL tag thing wat did i do wrong
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I'm thinking of going but I don't know who to dress up as.
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I have a hotel room at the Renaissance! You guys should look for me. On Friday I will be cosplay as Derpy Hooves, and on Saturday Neru Akita! I am not sure what I am going to do for Sunday though.

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