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User ImageANIME EXPO 2O12User Image

Anime Expo 2012
. // June 29 - July 2, 2012 // .
Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)

Anime Expo Official Website


Welcome my awesome Cosplaying/AX loving friends! Welcome to the first official thread of AX 2012! The 20th annual Anime Expo will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center once again!

PLEASE Respect everyone in the thread!

Everything you need to know about Anime Expo 2012 is in this thread. So continue reading on, do not PM me any stupid questions about AX, and enjoy!

PS: If you have never attended a convention before in your LIFE ... I suggest you click on the link below and read everything before continuing on.

Convention 101 - A Guide for Newbies

1: Introduction (you're here)
2: What is Anime Expo?
3: News; Updates
4: Main Events
5: Other Events; Programming
6: Guests of Honor
7: Games
8: Auctions
9: Cosplay Events
10: Cosplay Gatherings // Gaians' Nicknames
11: Main Events; Ticketed
12: Registration; Refund Policy
13: Gaian Attendees
14: AX 2009 Memories <-- PM me links to your gallery like photobucket (make sure it's public) or cosplay.com
15: Other Links

Maps and Directions
Here is a link to a map of hotels near the LACC and the nearby bus lines.
Here are a few maps and directions to the LACC and another map of the hotels located in Downtown LA.
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User ImageWhat Is Anime Expo?User Image

Anime Expo® is the primary annual event hosted by The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA). As a vehicle to promote animation and comics and a venue for the fan community, it has the pleasure of being the largest tradeshow in the US of its kind. In 2005, in its 14th year of existence, Anime Expo®'s attendance topped 33,000 attendees over the course of 4 days. Despite this success, Anime Expo® is still predominantly run by fans, who volunteer their time and efforts.

In addition to the annual Anime Expo® held on 4th of July weekend, the SPJA has also hosted two other events; Anime Expo® New York, which was a satellite convention held in Times Square in the fall of 2002, and AX Tokyo held in early 2004. AX Tokyo was hosted in cooperation with the Japanese Association for Science Fiction International Communication.

Anime Expo® has become one of the staples of anime fandom in America. Its success over the past 13 years has encouraged multitudes of other conventions to spring up across the country. Its Exhibit Hall has been host to the largest collection of import and domestic anime and manga merchandise anywhere in America, as well as host to galleries of some of the most influential artists in Japan's recent history. Along with panels, workshops for traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and fandom, Video and Film presentations, Main Events including Live Competitions, Charity Auction, and Concerts, and AniMatsuri: The Anime Summer Festival, Anime Expo® has become the convention it is now because of the Industry, Guests, and Fans that love and support it every year.

General Info

Attendance Record:

Average annual growth: 29%

AX 1992: 1,750
AX 1993: 1,693
AX 1994: 2,057
AX 1995: 2,138
AX 1996: 2,918
AX 1997: 3,826
AX 1998: 4,883
AX 1999: 6,400
AX 2000: 9,700
AX 2001: 13,000
AX 2002: 15,000
AX 2003: 17,000
AX 2004: 25,000
AX 2005: 33,000
AX 2006: 40,674
AX 2007: 41,000
AX 2008: 43,000
AX 2009: 44,000
AX 2010: 105,000
AX 2011: 47,000 (unique) ; 128,000 (turnstile)

Can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Anime Expo is registered & trademarked by the SPJA any use without consent will be subjugated to the full extent of the law.

All images with the AX Logo obviously belongs to the SPJA. So no stealing, please.
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User ImageNews & UpdatesUser Image

--& coming soon !
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User Image Main Events User Image


AX Idol //

Sign Ups and Information : CLICK

Have you ever wished you could sing your favorite Anime song for American Idol or just knew you were the next great voice in Anime? Well, now is your big chance. Bang Zoom! Entertainment is looking for the “The Future Voice of Anime” and the next “AX Singing Idol.”

AX Idol is holding an open call to everyone who would like to try his or her hand at being the next Anime Voice Acting and Singing Superstars. Contestants will audition for industry professionals that will provide valuable critiques. Ten finalists will be selected to perform in front of a live audience of over 5000 people! An audience that will have the power to decide the contestants’ fates via text messaging.

Prizes //

Best Voice Actor //

”The Future Voice of Anime” AX Idol Grand Prize Winner will be invited to Bang Zoom! Studios where they will receive a studio tour, sit in on a recording session, and have the chance to audition for an upcoming Anime title!

Best Singer //

”AX Singing Idol” AX Idol Grand Prize winner will also be invited to the studio to where English language versions of anime songs for Cartoon Network to be recorded. There you will record a demo with your “karaoke” tracks, produced by Chris Many. The Grand Prize Winner will also be given a chance to audition for future recordings, and finally, invited to Bang Zoom! Studios for a tour and a chance to sit on a recording session.

AMV Contest //


If you ever witnessed the Anime Expo AMV, then you’ve been missing out! Oce of the Anime Expo’s most popular events is a battle of creative genius, where the technically adept take contemporary (and not so contemporary) music and pair it up with their Japanese Animation clips. The AMV has four categories:

Who but an AMV creator could bring a tear to an Otaku’s eye with Golden Boy’s tumultuous relationships to A Different Side of Me, by Matchbox 20 or send chills down the spine with the eerie strains of Cry Little Angel, to the thriller anime, Perfect Blue. While Drama is traditionally a home for videos about love and relationships, this category is also a place to find horror, despair and even just happiness emphasized in melody and movement.

Action: It’s not all Evangelion and Linkin Park anymore. In the action category Naruto and his friends may duke it out to techno madness or Escaflowne and Alseides might battle to the classically cool sounds of Apocalyptica.

Comedy: In the most popular category of the AMV contest, it is often difficult to choose the best video. Would you be able to choose between the parodical Aladdin soof of Naurto singing to “One Jump” or the visual comedy of Chiyo-chan and the Azumanga gang contorting to internet junkie Strongbad’s unique form of scat music.

AMTV: When artistic style, visuals and music blend to become the overwhelming achievement of an Anime MTV AMV, words cannot adequately describe the potential for each video. Some videos will revisit the classical 80s and 90s styles of Depeche Mode or Cyndi Lauper, where as others will take you into entirely new worlds or audio-visual expression. In the most challenging category to create a masterpiece, videos you would think came right out of MTV are some of the most impressive entries you’ll see.

Masquerade //

As one of the most enduring traditions, the Masquerade is the largest and brightest highlight of Anime Expo. Costumers hailing from around the world will face our stage with their wonderful costumes and amazing performances. They come for fame, glory, and the ultimate prize, “Best of Show.”

If you have the motivation, skill and desire to win in the most prestigious anime Masquerade of all anime cons, come join us! Meet new and interesting people! See wonderful and exotic costumes! Witness the glitz, the glamour and the glory of Masquerade!

Battle Of The Bands //

Sign Ups and Infromation

New Year. New Anime. New Music. New Bands. New Challenge! Welcome to the second annual Anime Expo Battle of the Bands! We saw you at last year's event, cheering on your favorite bands, but I know you were thinking any band can do this! Well, here is your chance. Time to grab your note ninjas and prepare to do battle. The competition will be harder than before, which will make victory all that much sweeter. But you can't win if you don't enter.
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User Image Other Events; Programming User Image

Exhibit Hall //

Schedule Coming Soon!

Anime Expo hosts one of the largest exhibits and dealers hall of any anime related convention. With more than 80,000 square feet of floor space, we are hosting many industry companies as well as a range of dealers from several different countries. Make sure to drop by and see us! The exhibit hall is open each day of the convention.

Exhibit Hall Time Schedule //

Coming Soon!

Artist Alley //

The Anime Expo Artist Alley gathers many new and veteran artists in one place to showcase their talent.

Come sample their artwork and talk to them one-on-one! See what different types of artwork they have brought, or possible commission an artist to draw that one picture you must have!

For more information on Artist Alley for those who wish to have a booth: Click Here!

WARNING: Registration for Artist Alley begins at 5:30AM on February 4. If you want to secure a table, then be sure to be ready at that time to reserve it.

Workshops //

Workshops will again focus on both Traditional Japanese Culture, and the Anime and Manga secrets every fan wants to know. Whatever you’re interested in, we’ll try to provide.

Panels & Discussions //

Learn industry secrets from those that bring you your favorite shows. Industry leaders tell you what’s coming up in the year ahead with surprise announcements of acquisitions. Fans share their knowledge and discuss the intricacies of their favorite anime’s plot lines. Meet your old friends and make new ones at the various online socials and gatherings. Guests of Honors, leading anime, manga, and j-pop/rock professionals, answer your questions about what it’s REALLY like to work in the industry.

Dance //

Been sitting in those video rooms for too long? It’s time to burn that pent up energy by coming down to the Anime Expo Dance. The Anime Expo Dance provides a variety of DJs playing your favorite beats in a high-energy atmosphere to ensure you have a great time. Hosting dances 7 pm to 2 am, the Dance is the perfect place to meet new people and hang out until the morning hours.

Karaoke //

Karaoke Contest is an exciting and entertaining vocal competition featuring your favorite anime, j-pop, and video game songs. This not-to-be missed event brings the spirit of friendly competition and the thrill of victory to the convention stage.

Just a few simple rules:

- Do not yell, scream into, tap, throw or otherwise abuse the microphones.
- You may sing any song but anime, J-Pop, J-Rock, and video game songs preferred. No song longer than five minutes, please.
- We have a large library of songs to choose from but cannot guarantee that we will have a particular song available. To ensure you get the song, please bring in an audio CD and we’ll be happy to play it for you.
- To minimize waiting times and to give everybody a chance, you must wait until you have sung your song before you can sign up to sing another one.
- We reserve the right to modify the singing order if people are singing the same song in close succession or if someone is found to be signing up multiple times.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be in the contest?

Mini-Contest: Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Challenge //

Do you buy CD singles just so to get the karaoke version of the song? Do you know the harmony and backup parts of your favorite songs? Do you carry a wallet full of music CDs around with you at conventions? If so, then we have a contest for you!

The Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Challenge is a head-to-head knockout competition testing the depths of your musical knowledge, the strength of your singing repertoire, and your on-the-run thinking.

Eight contestants will face off in a grueling head-to-head competition until only one remains. The one survivor will be crowned the Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Challenge Champion and will earn innumerable bragging rights!

Mini-Contest: Write Your Own Lyrics //

Ever wished you could perform a parody of your favorite anime or j-rock ballad? Ever wanted to write and perform your own original lyrics to your favorite anime theme song? Then this is the contest for you! From the seriously sublime to the simply silly, the Write Your Own Lyrics contest is a challenge not just of vocal ability but one of wit and creativity!

Karaoke Mini-Contests //

In addition to the Karaoke Contest , we will also have some exciting and fun Mini-Contests and other karaoke-related events going on throughout the course of the convention. The Mini-Contests are fast-paced, exciting, and fun singing competitions. You will be amused, shocked, and entertained, and that's just if you're watching!

Mini-Contest: Acoustikaraoke! //

Play a musical instrument? Ever wanted to show off your special saxophone rendition or clarinet solo of your favorite anime or j-rock song? If you've ever had the desire to showcase your music instrumental skills on stage, or just lounge in the crowd and enjoy some stirring musical performances from your fellow fans, this is a contest you cannot miss.

The Acoustikaraoke! contest consists of an acoustic setup (vocal microphones only) with a bring-your-own format for any other instruments desired. Contestants need not actually sing in the contest to perform (although it is still welcome); this is your chance to play some BGM, do a special arrangement/cover, perform a cappella, or even present your own original composition.

Open Mic Karaoke //

Looking for a place to chill in between events? Just aching to belt out that special rendition of your favorite song at 3 AM in the morning? Open Mic Karaoke is the party which (almost) never ends. Except during contest times, we're open until the wee hours of the morning for the enjoyment of all attendees who would like a chance to sing for fun in front of their friends and fellow fans! Bring your own music, or choose from our selection of over 4,000 anime and j-pop songs.

For more information on ALL Karaoke events: COMING SOON!!

Film Programming //

Watching anime is great, but there's nothing like experiencing films on the silver screen, totally immersed in the sounds of action. This year experience anime favorites and fresh premieres the way they should be shown at Anime Expo.

Video Programming //

Do you love anime? Taping your favorite shows at obscure hours of the day? Secretly humming the opening songs wherever you go? Well don't worry you're not alone! Come meet and interact with your fellow anime fans for the sole purpose of indulging in the anime experience! Have friends that claim to be non-anime people? Bring them too! Who knows, they might get hooked as well. Come and enjoy "nostalgic" favorites, while discovering new shows to love.
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User ImageGuests of HonorUser Image

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User Image GamesUser Image

Arcade //

Want to play the latest fighting, racing and music games from Japan? Have some free time to kill between panels? Bored late at night and have nothing to do? Come visit the arcade! Open 24 hours with games including Dance Dance Revolution, Initial D, Wangan Midnight and more! We even have some redemption machines where you can win prizes! Fun is never to far at Anime Expo.

Console Gaming //

Looking for games? AX is the place for you. In our console room we have the latest and greatest in gaming on all platforms from the Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 2. We are organizing tournaments that cover all genres from Halo 2 to Guitar Hero. You'll always find something fun to play in the console gaming room.

Game Shows //

Have nothing to do between certain events? Explored the exhibit hall for the millionth time? Waiting for an Main Event? Drop by our game shows and join man other anime fans in the Scavenger Hunt! Bring your family and friends as we send sixteen teams of ten participants with a list of items on a wild chase for tons of prizes. Know someone who thinks they’re Ken Jennings of anime? Challenge them or yourself in categories such as questions and music for fun prizes. For all you older attendees, we have “Anime Singled Out”, Anime Expo’s very own dating show. We have six contestants in the hot seat for you, the audience, participate to see if you’re their “perfect mate”. It gets wild and crazy as over 50+ people battle for the affections of one person. You might just find the anime fan of your dreams.
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User Image AuctionsUser Image

Charity Auction //

Working with nationally recognized charitable foundations, the SPJA strives to give a little bit back to the global community - Benefiting such remarkable foundations as the City of Hope "Heroes for Hope" and the 9/11 Funds. Unique items donated by industry professionals and our sponsors offer the fans a chance to not only add a unique piece in their collection, but to donate to these worthy causes at the same time!

Art Show Auction //

The Art Show Auction, the culmination of the Art Show is held on the last day of the convention. Anyone can come and bid on the highly sought works of art!

Modeling Contest //

For those that prefer 3D artwork these are the models of the Modeling Contest in the same area of the Art Show. From handcrafted models to customized model kits, you will be surprised at the stunning detail of the works on display.
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User ImageCosplay EventsUser Image

Welcome to the exciting world of Cosplay!

Ever since the first Anime Expo in 1992, cosplay has been an integral component of our colorful fan community. Fans from all walks of live converge at Anime Expo to show their passion for cosplay. Whether they wear their costumes within the halls of the convention center of appear on stage before family and friends, all cosplayers are here to show off their passion for Japanese animation and culture.

Masquerade //

As one of the most enduring traditions, the Masquerade is the largest and brightest highlight of Anime Expo. Costumers hailing from around the world will face our stage with their wonderful costumes and amazing performances. They come for fame, glory, and the ultimate prize, “Best of Show.”

If you have the motivation, skill and desire to win in the most prestigious anime Masquerade of all anime cons, come join us! Meet new and interesting people! See wonderful and exotic costumes! Witness the glitz, the glamour and the glory of Masquerade!

Chibi Masquerade //

Does the thought of standing on stage in front of thousands of anime fans seem a bit too stressful? Do you have the desire to go on stage and strut your stuff, but feel intimidated by the sheer pressure to excel? Could you be harboring an inner struggle with an ever-so-embarrassing, yet all too common, condition known as stage fright?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (and possibly others …) then REJOICE!!!

Chibi Masquerade is an event made just for you! It’s a new, no stress, low calorie, high fiber, non-competitive event open to all attendees. Since there is no judging, there are no awards to worry about. It’s all about the fun and then some!

Costumes that are representations or original creations inspired by anime, manga, video game, or J-Pop culture may enter the event. Any costumer can enter and simply display their costumes or perform a simple skit. This is a walk-in event only.

Pop Shock Masquerade //

To anyone who knows the difference between Miyavi and Izam, do we have an event for you!

To anyone who admires the dressing habits of their Super Dollfies, do we have an event for you!

To anyone who’s shopped at Hot Topic and frightened the sales clerk, do we have an event for you!

It’s Pop Shock Masquerade! Whether you’re into J-Pop, J-Rock, EGL, Lolis, Visual Kei or anything in between, Pop Shock is just for you. This is Anime Expo’s amateur costume contest for all fans of J-Pop Culture.

Midnight Tea //

Info coming soon!
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User Image Cosplay Gatherings User Image

Coming Soon!

N I C K N A M E S .

Please PM me your nickname &/or real name.

`[Heartbreaker Jo]` = Jo
Megwa = Meg
funkarilla = Alex
Purushi = Josey
Soul of The Wind = Vivi
Miaka327 = Freya/Lizzie
tentenXneji-Chan = Gabby
Perofain Kyokaii = Billy
Nuliayuk = Jenn
Captain Lawls = Eric
elementalphantomthief = hannajima shields
Green Tea Frappuccin0 = Sady
Egyptionmau = Mau
Lethal Goddess = Brandi
Karen-Chrono = Charlotte/Charlie
ll Alphonse Elric ll = Cherries
ll Edward EIric ll = Anddie
Stickered Fun = Nina
Rain-of-Midnight = Chelsea
[Psycho~Cookie] = Cookie
Innocently Yours = Ari
Vanilla Bean Frapichino = Leafy
Elemental Princess720 = Alexa
Hiding in the mist = Mist or Courtney
x-Chaotic-Reincarnation-x = Chaos
Miyabita Oushi = Tatiana
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User ImageMain Events; TicketedUser Image

What are Main Events?

These events traditionally include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade, the Anime Music Video Contest, the art auctions, AX Idol and various concerts. All of this year’s scheduled Main Events are free of charge to registered Anime Expo attendees and will be held in the Main Events Hall.

What are ticketed events?

Due to high attendance interest and limited seating, a few selected events will require tickets in order to gain entrance. Tickets designating seating time will be issued for specific events and handed out to attendees during a set time frame each day. Each individual ticket is only applicable towards one event. However attendees will have the opportunity to pick up tickets to multiple shows. These tickets are not applicable to any events or programming outside the Main Events hall.

The following events require tickets to attend:

- Anime Music Video Contest
- AX Idol
- Masquerade

Who is eligible to obtain tickets?

All registered attendees to Anime Expo will valid badges, with the exception of “Exhibit Hall only” passes, are eligible to obtain tickets to attend ticketed events.

How do you get a ticket?

There are two ways to obtain tickets to the events named above:

1. Reserve a hotel room under any of the hotels in the Anime Expo room block and get one ticket registered guest to one event of your choice (up to a maximum of 4 tickets per room), based on availability.
2. Line up on the day of the event. The number of tickets given out is based on availability. Please note that queuing for tickets at this time does not guarantee that you will receive one.

How many events can you attend?

All attendees, with or without hotel reservations in the Anime Expo Room block, are welcome to attend as many events as possible providing that tickets are still available. Attendees looking to see multiple events may wait in line for tickets on the day of the event.

Ticket Pickup Procedures

- No Ticket Exchanges after you leave the window.
- Please note that you will require a valid Attendee badge with holder to pick up tickets and to attend any of the Main Events, even if you have a ticket to one.

Regular Attendees //

- Attendees who are not part of the Anime Expo room block may wait in line on the day of the event for any
unclaimed tickets.
- Tickets will be handed out 2 per person, on a first come serve basis until all the tickets are given away.

Standby //

- For Attendees without tickets, they may wait in the standby line.
- Standby seating will be filtered into the event hall 15 minutes before the event begins.
- The standby line does not guarantee a seat.

Seating //

- Each ticket will be assigned to a seating time.
- Please queue up 30 minutes before your seating time starts.
- If you miss your seating time, you will be allowed to enter with the next group.
- As we begin filling in empty spaces with the standby line 15 minutes before the start of the event, tickets will no longer be honored at this time. If there is still room available, you will be allowed to attend the event.
- All attendees are subject to the Code of Conduct.
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User ImageRegistration; Refund PolicyUser Image


About your Membership Badge //

Anime Expo is a members-only event. The numbered badge and/or badge holder you receive at Registration provides evidence of your membership. It will also indicate your attendance level. Badges must be worn visibly whenever you wish to enter some part of the convention form the lobby or other public area. Badges may also be checked inside the convention, so please wear yours at all times.

Your badge is nontransferable for your own personal use only. Please do not lend it to anyone or give it away. You may be held responsible for the actions of anyone wearing your badge.

All badges are the property of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation and may be subject to confiscation by an SPJA representative.

Policy on Child Badges //

Child memberships are for children 12 years and under. Child memberships must be purchased with an adult membership. Children are not allowed to pick up badge holders on their own. They must pick up with an accompanying adult. Children 5 years and under are free with paying adult.

Exhibit Hall Passes //

A $15 Exhibit Hall pass is available at the registration area and is ONLY valid for 1-day admission to the Exhibit Hall. This pass will not grant admission to any other areas of Anime Expo. You may later purchase a membership if you wish to attend other Anime Expo events. Your Exhibit Hall pass may be credited towards your upgrade. To upgrade, go to the at-con registration station.

Replacement / Lost Badge Policy //

The SPJA will gladly replace your lost badge but there will be a replacement fee of $5 for the first time, $10 for the second time, and so on. The Registration system will keep track of the number of times a badge is reissued. SPJA/Anime Expo reserved the right to penalize those who abuse this policy by confiscation of the current year’s badge(s), ban from future conventions and a permanent note in our records.

Refund Eligibility //

The SPJA will gladly refund you under the following circumstances:

- If you registered and paid, but will not be able to attend.
- If you accidentally registered more than once. Time
stamps must be within 10 minutes.
- If you have some special circumstance. Please see
the Registration manager.

Registration requests must be within 60 days of the end of the convention. Requests for refunds on memberships that have already been used and the amount refunded will be considered only at the discretion of the SPJA/Anime Expo. Persons ejected from Anime Expo for any reason will not be considered eligible for a refund of their membership. The SPJA/Anime Expo also reserves the right to with hold refunds at their discretion.

How to Request a Refund //

All requests for refunds must include the following:

- Full name of refund recipient
- The name used by recipient for AX (if different)
- Recipient’s current mail and email address
- Proof of payment, including but limited to: refund check or
credit card charge.

Refund will be issued to the person who paid for the memberships. If you are requesting a refund at the convention in person, you must also have the entire membership badge intact. You may opt to apply your membership to the following year’s convention instead of a refund.
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User Image Gaian Attendees User Image


Cosplayers //

`[Heartbreaker Jo]` // coming soon..
Miyabita Oushi // Vocaloid Gumi

Non-Cosplayers //

Group Cosplay //

Skits //

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User Image
2010 Memories


Jo's AX '11 Pics
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