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Dangerous Visionary


Please, read carefully!
Please, read carefully!

The short and sweet: This just an information thread about my past, current, and maybe near future vends in the Marketplace. It should only be active when I have active vends in the Marketplace! You can find the link to my store in the currently selling section of the thread. So if you wish to stay updated with all my vends please subscribe.

Table of contents:

arrow Current sales

arrow Past sales

arrow Future sales?

arrow Rules of the thread and FAQ

arrow News and updates

arrow Extras: Comments, poll results, and more

About my store: It's BID ONLY and I usually run my bids for a week. If that isn't what you are looking for sorry. That's just the way I always have sold my items and I don't plan to change any time soon.
Thank you for the support everyone and I hope I can keep selling things that people like. smile
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Dangerous Visionary

Current sales:

I'm selling the following for one full week:
Easter Basket 2K6 1 0f 6
Easter Basket 2K6 (2 0f 6
Easter Basket 2K6 (4 0f 6
Easter Basket 2K6 (5 0f 6
Easter Basket 2K6 (6 0f 6
Easter 2k10 Grunny Egg
Easter 2k10 Egg
Easter 2k10 Gambino Egg
Easter 2k10 Grunny Egg
Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Hat
Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears
Doll Ears
Buck Teeth
Squeaky the Rubber Ducky
Fluff Battle T-shirt
Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Hat
Bunny Luv
Ash Face
House Pride
Aquarium Starfish

Enter The Dark Shop to bid on any of these great items.
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Dangerous Visionary

Past sales:

Fish Drop [lite]
Pink Link
Fish Drop [lite]
Blue Magical Giftbox
Brown Magical Giftbox
Enki's Catch
Enchanted Wooden Trunk
Blue Magical Giftbox
Brown Magical Giftbox
Pink Magical Giftbox
Enki's Catch
Aquarium Gray Snail
Aquarium Orange Snail
Aquarium Gray Snail
Aquarium Hermit Cat
Aquarium Gray Snail
Aquarium Hermit Cat
Aquarium Hermit Cat
Ticket x 3469
Fat Cat Alert!
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Dangerous Visionary

Future vends:

Well now that I can sell 20 items now :
More Aquarium fish and items

Always subject to change though but I'm pretty sure I should clean that stuff out next. 3nodding
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Dangerous Visionary

Rules & FAQ's

Failure to read and understand the following will get you placed on my ignore list as well as reported. This is your ONE AND ONLY warning.

Rules of the thread:

1. Please don't bump and spam this thread. I update it on my own when new bids are made. It doesn't need to be on the first page everyday all the time. If people want to stay updated they should just subscribe to this thread. 3nodding

2. Don't use this thread to sell your items! stare

3. If you have something rude to say DON'T! Use your journal or something.

4.Don't quote my posts please.


1. Why is this store bid only?

A: I'm an old-timer on Gaia I remember when gold was a lot harder to earn and for some people it's still is. I think selling things on bid is just easier for everyone in the long run. Besides the MP is always changing, I don't like making predictions and real life economy isn't my strong suit so a pretend one ICK!

2. Are you willing to trade or bargained?

A: I don't like trading and I don't like banter. If I wanted to do all that I would open a store in the exchange. I like taking my chances with the MP and I don't mind the tax.

3. Who wants this junk?

A: Well given that I have sold over 1,000 items as of now I would say a lot of people. wink

4. Y u mad tho about tickets? (A redundant question just for tickets) emotion_facepalm

A: I like selling Tickets. However, what upsets me is is getting all the Pm's, profile comments, and people posting in this thread asking for trades and bargains when I SELL TICKETS. I have been vending tickets since I started Gaia and it kept happening all the time. Despite all the warnings over the year. I just couldn't take the stupidity anymore as of November 2011. If people can't take the time to read this thread or the short little list of rules in my store they should be reported for not just spam and harassment but stupidity/laziness as well.

5. I sent you a PM why didn't you reply back?

A1: You couldn't read and/or you are lazy to read any of this! Therefore, it's a waste of my time replying to you.
A2: It got lost in the sea of PMs known as my inbox.
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Dangerous Visionary

News and Updates:

March 23 2013: tweaked the thread. Current bids are now the second post followed by past and future vends. Also tweaked the store page as well.

March 4th 2013: I updated my feedback thread finally! heart

Feb 19 2013: Due to the stupidity of your fellow Gaians. I'm getting a meaner when you refuse to respect my NO PRIVATE MESSAGE RULE!

Jan 2nd 2013: Was actually going to wait till Jan 3 but whatever. First vending period of the year has begun.

Dec 29: OPPS! Totally mispriced my first item. LOL no one touched it so I'm glad. Sorry about that but I'm human.
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Dangerous Visionary

The Extra stuff

The following is my feedback thread you can use that if you have any feedback about this thread, items, or whatever else that comes to mind. I suggest using it even though its in the chatterbox since I would like for this thread to just be about the vends. The Official Dark Shop customer survey!
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Dangerous Visionary

*cuts the ribbons*


This is my first sale in days! As you can tell I made all the changes I promised. This thread should be easier to read and understand. If not just let me know!

So this week I'm selling:

Enchanted Wooden Trunk,Brown Magical Giftbox, Basic Wooden Bookshelf, Basic Wooden Chair, Basic Woodframe Bed, and Basic Wooden Desk all starting at just 250 gold!

Why cause I made over 250 sales! LOL.

Enjoy the improvements.

Thanks for all the support!
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Dangerous Visionary

Update on items!

Enchanted Wooden Trunk is currently 1,000 gold

Brown Magical Giftbox is currently 1,600 gold

Basic Wooden Bookshelf is currently 450 gold

Basic Wooden Chair is currently 250 gold

Basic Woodframe Bed is currently 560 gold

Basic Wooden Desk is currently 405 gold

That's all for now. Please read the first post people it's not that hard to read or is it?
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Dangerous Visionary

Update on items!

Basic Wooden Bookshelf is currently 700 gold

Basic Woodframe Bed is currently 571 gold!

All other bids are the same as last update.

Sales ends this Thursdays so there is still time to earn gold to bid.
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Dangerous Visionary

Update on items

Basic Woodframe desk...435 gold

All other bids still hold.
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Dangerous Visionary

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Dangerous Visionary


Not bad for the first sale....I'll probably come back next week Monday. See you later....

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