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hello, so i decided to make a new avi and i need help selling my items, so if you could be kind enough to help buy one of my items that would be great!
also i accept small donations and items that you no longer have use for
ill also work for gold and help you with things smile
thank you!<3 4laugh
here are the items im selling
Little Wild King 666g
The Widow 120,000g
Bleeding Heart 70,000g
The Wasp 80,900g
Black GetaGRIP Gloves 10,000g
Astra-25: Petite Glasswings 115,000g
Beer Goggles 160,000g
Kokutan the Demon Cat 56,000g
Succubi's Modesty 105,000g
Pink Dahlia 180,000g
Twisted Love 100,000g
Astra-3: Sweet Charming Blush 1,000,000g