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Why doesn't SWARF have a ducky???

He doesn't need a ducky, he has the whole z!F community. wink
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Gorenza generated a random number between 1 and 33 ... 2!

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Merry Dabbler

Come on ducky, papa needs a new halo.

number two for the win!

Buki you can do it. ninja

xXxPurpleKhatxXx generated a random number between 1 and 33 ... 27!

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You can do it little ducky!
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A free for all!!!!!! mrgreen Well I've been more wrong than right, but it's been so much fun! GO Gaia Madness! blaugh I will choose DJ xd
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Muscular Baby
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So many to cheer for... But I'm rooting for Narumi xd
My vote is for Narumi Misuhara ninja
DJ Helsing
WOW!!! Thats alot of ducks......i am guessing i would chose number...9 to win biggrin or ....................13
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going for the middle...milkbun
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Beloved Prophet

I'm torn between Lanzer and DJ Helsing.

And all the ducks look so awesome! My daughter likes to collect rubber ducks, but she's only four and can't make them look anything like what you guys did. She loves the pictures you guys posted.
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Let's go Ubermegatron!!
purpleshirt !
yeay purpleshirt

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