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i like milkbun,buki,and mishiri
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Oh my goodness, Kenny made a Mach 5 for the rubber ducky. eek That is so awesome! xd I also think Buki's is adorable! heart (But, the nerdiness factor takes precedence.) lol
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The Duck 5! That just looks awesome! Then, there's the Samus Duck. I think I'll stick to The Duck 5, so Uncle Kenny.
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These are all cool ducks. I love Siskataya's , silentninja86's, ethe's duck. I say my favourite is Uncle Kenny's duck. I have voted on the surveymonkey poll
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If these ducks were items, I'd buy them all. So cute!
pepper-tea of course.
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uncle kenny XD
i would havenever thought of a speed racer duck omfg
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Ethe, Buki, Uncle Kenny, and Pepper Tea's are my favs!
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Everyone did a great job, it was difficult to choose! I had to go with Buki's though, because it's similar to what I would have done...

This was awesome!
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" Oh god, Buki's is TOO CUTE. "
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I love Ethe's rubber duck! c:
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Lanzer's duck >.> that is soo cheating, no motorized ducks.

Ethe's ducks is so cute but I lover Pepper Tea's most.
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I love how Uncle Kenny just transformed his duck into the Mach 5. lol

He wins the design.

Though I am surprised that milkbun completely bedazzled her duck! How long did that take???

ethe transformed her's into an owl. Sweet! lol

pepper tea made the nicest statement by giving her's an antique feel.

And I keep getting a KISS feel from Mishiri's duck. eek

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