It's day four of Gaia Madness! The next event is our Quick Draw Nerf Gun Duel! This is a 16-person tournament where two staff members will stand back-to-back, take five paces, turn, and shoot to try to hit each other! They'll each have three bullets to use. If all three bullets miss then we will place two bullets in the middle of the field. The first person to pick up the bullet, shoot, and hit will win the duel and move onto the next round!

Due to the nature of how fast paced and how many competitions we'll have, we can't guarantee a time of when the results videos will be posted, but we'll do our best to get them up as soon as possible and notify you all.

Preliminary Rounds
Round 1: Buki vs. Lanzer
Round 2: Ubermegatron vs. Narumi Misuhara
Round 3: BigLanky14 vs. Jak Bauer
Round 4: silentninja86 vs. Chu
Round 5: Sandokiri vs. Uncle Kenny
Round 6: Siskataya vs. PRlSM
Round 7: Zero Omega vs. DJ Helsing
Round 8: Darknrgy vs. purpleshirt

Quarter Finals
Quarter Finals: Round 1 - Round 1 vs. Round 2
Quarter Finals: Round 2 - Round 3 vs. Round 4
Quater Finals: Round 3 - Round 5 vs. Round 6
Quarter Finals: Round 4 - Round 7 vs. Round 8

Semi-Finals: Round 1 - Quarter Round 1 vs. Quarter Round 2
Semi-Finals: Round 2 - Quarter Round 3 vs. Quarter Round 4

Final Round: Semi Round 1 vs. Semi Round 2