Welcome to Day 3 of Gaia Madness! Our next event is the Scooter Race! This race will feature six total heats with the Gaia staff racing down a course with their scooters. Who will be the ultimate victor?

We will be taking two winners for the first three heats, giving us six semi-final contestants. Then we will split the six down into two heats of three where we will then take the top two competitors for a final heat of four people.

Here is your heat line-up.

User Image

Opening Round:
Heat 1 --- 3:00pm PST
Heat 2 --- 4:00pm PST
Heat 3 --- 4:30pm PST

Heat 4 --- 5:00pm PST
Heat 5 --- 5:30pm PST

Final Heat --- 6:00pm PST