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Like the footer with the snow theme?

Yeah! 0.27580772261623 27.6% [ 700 ]
Ummm no. 0.076832151300236 7.7% [ 195 ]
GOLDZ! 0.07210401891253 7.2% [ 183 ]
I would do it different... 0.12647754137116 12.6% [ 321 ]
The Snowman blocks my links! 0.30496453900709 30.5% [ 774 ]
Winter is half over! 0.069345941686367 6.9% [ 176 ]
What footer?!? 0.074468085106383 7.4% [ 189 ]
Total Votes:[ 2538 ]
This poll closed on February 10, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Blessed Prophet

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i love the idea. Changing the background with the center function, change the header color to match and now the footer to match as well... Then it be perfect. I like the idea.

I would suggest moving the Snowman, maybe use smaller creatures and move them to the corners. The snowman does block you from seeing words, links, images and even avis. It's just in the way.

Otherwise I love the idea of customizing my site more.
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Snowman is kind of annoying.
Cute though, don't get me wrong.
The placement of him is the annoying bit.
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Shameless Pyromaniac

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Lose the snowman. stare
It is very cute but the snowman is too much. If they want to add a picture, they should make it smaller and out of the way.
I like it, but the snowman is a bit too centered. Maybe if you have it to the far left/right where there usually aren't links may make it better.
The snowman reminds me of those window sitters that perch on the toolbars of your desktop ~ 3nodding
User Image User Image

I keep the footer collapsed, but the idea is good.
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Shameless Gawker

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The snow man is annoying, it blocks all the links to the TOS and everything that is actually important at the bottom of the screen.
I personally like that fact that we can do all these things. That also goes for the footer. It think it gives it a more personal feel. My only problem with it is the snowman. It's in a awkward spot and it's a little obnoxious. I think if maybe he was smaller and more to the side.... or just not there at all would be a great!

<3 xCyniadeAngelx
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Sparkling Shounen

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Awesome I love the idea of the footer >w< The snowman is cute too and I'm glad it doesn't block my links.
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I almost always keep my footer collapsed...
The snowman is kinda cheesy looking and it sticks up too much :
I think if you get rid of the snowman or maybe like that other person said just make it a head it would be better(;
Alsoo...I'd so totally use this if u made those changes
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I like how when you click on the snow man it takes you to the marketplace and shows you winter themed items for sale. ^_^
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Eloquent Elder

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The idea is sound, and the art looks great, but the snow man...not so much.

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Shameless Lunatic

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I do like the footer, but it would be nice if the snow man could be minimized, say maybe become a baby snowman, when the user so chooses.
All I have to say is do something about the snowman. It sticks up a little too much and it can get pretty annoying.

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