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Like the footer with the snow theme?

Yeah! 0.27580772261623 27.6% [ 700 ]
Ummm no. 0.076832151300236 7.7% [ 195 ]
GOLDZ! 0.07210401891253 7.2% [ 183 ]
I would do it different... 0.12647754137116 12.6% [ 321 ]
The Snowman blocks my links! 0.30496453900709 30.5% [ 774 ]
Winter is half over! 0.069345941686367 6.9% [ 176 ]
What footer?!? 0.074468085106383 7.4% [ 189 ]
Total Votes:[ 2538 ]
This poll closed on February 10, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I Don't Like It!
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Floating Footer theme
If you hadn't noticed, the town and time of day of the page you are on can change the look of the "floating footer". Now, Gaia will periodically change the theme of the graphics (for seasons of the year, events, etc.) Right now, you will get snow-covered ground and a snowman.

  • Remember that most Gaia Labs features are opt-in so you will have to activate the footer theme from the Gaia Labs page.
  • The "floating footer" requires that you are logged in and is optional depending on your Account Settings.
  • To be able to see the new theme, your "Footer Display:" settings (on Account Settings) will have to be set to "yes" and your footer will have to be expanded (click on the leftmost arrow on the footer to toggle the expand/collapse state).
this sounds cool but do u think people will get into theme ?
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Generous Entrepreneur

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Why dont you put on Halloween theme insteand? We need one of those to get inoto the frightening spirit
It is out of place...
I mean, it is just standing there and doing nothing...
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itz kinda cool
lace_of_queens's avatar

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could do with shifting xp
radioactive alchemist
The idea is cute, but having the snowman stick up like that so far is more than just a little annoying. However, I always keep my footer collapsed, so...
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Snow man to big
Ratt Scabies
The footer itself is cute, but the snow, man
sticks out too much and looks choppy.
User Image

I agree that it's cute, and looks choppy.
It's a neat idea though, and thanks for all the efforts the Gaia team puts into making the site attractive and fun. I always enjoy the graphics, and think how nice it looks.
The snowman does (sometimes, not all the time) get in the way, and blocks being able to click on something (like a Quote button), or being able to view the list of items recently posted for sale in the marketplace.
How about cleaning up the image (smoothing the edges) and moving it over to the right, near the Outfits section ?
The size of the snowman doesn't particularly cause it to be in the way. A different placement would solve that issue.
Thanks smile
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I like it, but we should be able to choose from other characters, like Gaia NPCs razz

I'd like to have Moira or Vanessa on the footer lol
biggrin i like candy
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Bashful Lover

While I do like the idea of a thematic change, and I do find Monsieur Snowman to be kind of cute, he is unfortunately much to tall. Tall to the point of being awkward and completely in the way. It would be very nice to have the option to either re-size him to a more comfortable height and the ability to move him about on the footer bar to locate a more comfortable area for him to reside, or to be able to keep the snowy scene and turn off Monsieur Snowman altogether. Hmmm, maybe you could have choices available at some far off date - like instead of just snowmen, bells, balls, trees, stars, trees, snowbunnies, snowfoxes, egrets, ect. and so forth.
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Either make the snowman smaller or move it to the header and maybe just have a line of snow piled up on the footer like on a roof?
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Is there any way you can move the snowman? He's not in a good position and blocks the screen. Can't he be moved off to the side?

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