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Like the footer with the snow theme?

Yeah! 0.27580772261623 27.6% [ 700 ]
Ummm no. 0.076832151300236 7.7% [ 195 ]
GOLDZ! 0.07210401891253 7.2% [ 183 ]
I would do it different... 0.12647754137116 12.6% [ 321 ]
The Snowman blocks my links! 0.30496453900709 30.5% [ 774 ]
Winter is half over! 0.069345941686367 6.9% [ 176 ]
What footer?!? 0.074468085106383 7.4% [ 189 ]
Total Votes:[ 2538 ]
This poll closed on February 10, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I like the theme, but the snowman is really annoying and distracting.
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It's only a shame that this feature didn't come sooner, I love the idea of a winter themed footer!

I'd love to see more theme footers for different times of the year, it could be fun as well if the footer was usable for events too, such as a quick access to events like the christmas cheer engine as they occur?
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it a really fun idea but the way the snowman is put,will get annoying at times,keep that in mind.
I really like it. This would be really nice doing the holiday season and on real snow days. It's cute.
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Feral Bunny

[: Super cute, but the snowman could stick out of the footer a little less. Also, it looks a bit choppy. Otherwise, a great idea!
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I hate it, the snowman is completely in the way. Back to the drawing board!
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It's nice, but the snowman has got to go.

It just sticks out too far above the footer.

The snowman has been badly edited out of its white background, and is surrounded by white pixels. I like the snow, and that the footer isn't just a bar, but the snowman really makes everything else look juvenile.
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I say its nice. To have a theme for time of the year or for a holiday is really nice. But the snowman does kinda get in the way. If he were either smaller and in another spot then he would be fine. And that would go with any other mascot/link like him that would be used with the changing footer theme. Its a really nice feature though, especially since it pulls up all items that are tied to that holiday/theme.

And no one will ever know i was here.
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It's adorable! However, I ditto everyone who thinks that the snowman is cute but a little annoying when you're trying to click on certain links, or blocks texts such as Arena Descriptions. Overall, not such a great idea of making a snowman sticking, cute, but needs work.
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It's okay. I'd like something more explosive but this is iight i guess...
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I see in the results of the poll at the top that many people say it blocks their links. I'm not having that problem. The snowman is to the right of my links. I like it!

Another commenter suggested a different theme for each season. I agree.
Just maybe no snowman and it would be fine ^v^
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i love winter
I have to agree with what looks like the majority of users. The footer itself is nice and very pretty, but I don't like the snowman. I think he needs to go. But there have been good suggestions for a replacement. I particularly like the idea of having little snowflakes that link to other parts of the site.

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