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emotion_awesome It will be soo awesome!!! emotion_awesome
I'm afraid you'll end up getting alot of 'artistic nudity' if you catch my drift. If you can put stickers on a photo then you could in theory scarcly clothe yourself with stickers. Not saying I'd do it cause I don't even have a webcam
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for all of you who don't understand... this stopped working on facebook a long time ago. sad It WAS awesome but it is no longer available. I wish that gaia would fix it. TT-TT It has to support secure browsing.
exclaim it is not loading its just a white page under facebook loooool crying
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I heart Gaia, and I heart purikura! So, PuriGaia sounds like a dream come true !!! But, I can't use it coz Facebook tells me it "doesn't support secure browsing" or summink like that. Can you guys come up with a solution for that? Pretty, pretty please? whee
Same here.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Click Me!!!!!
This is so~ cool heart This was a great idea, and it's fun to mess up the pics whee
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So, Gaia. When you gonna fix your Puri? DX
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That's cool puri gaia tools ~~ emotion_dowant
What the deuce i cnt get this biz to work on my computer n it sounds really good too sad stare
that is an amazing idea, i like it cat_biggrin
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Pretty cool.

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this thing just blows chunks
and it is a facebook item, why in da ******** do we need more facecrap on gaia
please consider doing away with this
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it won't work! it isn't loading, i've tried for days!

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