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it needs more variety...otherwise i really think its a good idea
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Its fun and cute but to a certain point its hard to manage. There is no way to undo the bottom settings that change the picture. Also, would be nice to have the user names with the avatars. Over all, really cute and neat.
Submitted my thoughts on FB~
I pretty much agree with the above post, except we can make the names, so I don't really mind that part~
Interesting. I just skimmed through it, but you know, things will always be better when there are more choices. hint hint wink
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Im lost...lol
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It's cool, but there's no undo button! All there is is a clear button!
Other than that I like it! ^_^
Oh yeah, and alot of people on Gaia like to keep their gaia and facebook accounts separate, just so you know. I doubt many users will use this feature, but I still think it was a good idea, but you could get more users using it if you post it on here and not have people use it on facebook.
i like it. except maybe there should be an undo and redo button. and maybe a save button. and maybe you should be able to rotate the stamps, and maybe you should be able to turn the stamps and frames different colors.
AWESOME surprised FIRST 10 PAGES!!! :'D
An undo button would be fantabulous.
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it needs more "frames"

It would also be good to have "rolling stamps" Like in real Purikura.
Also, more stamps as well as a better way to search them.

Perhaps more a real Purikura machine layout. Just go to Valco or the Great Mall to find one.
Yeah its great if you hve a facebook, something I dont have or want to have =p.
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      It needs an 'undo' button and possibly a redo button.
      I clicked the puri style - didn't like it, and failed to put it back to the way I liked it.

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