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Like the new links?

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This poll closed on February 27, 2010.
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WHY you guys decided to 'simplify' the menu and navigational system in the first place is honestly beyond me.

I mean, really?

Inventory and Trade options secreted away to where you can only get to it by either direct linking or by hunting around in the appropriate pages to find the links?

If these were links to UNimportant features, then I could definitely understand. But Inventory and Trade of all things?

How is THAT in any way, shape, or form more efficient?

The PowerUsers option should be a default option and not something users have to hunt around for going, "WTF, where did my old menu options all go?"
Eobo's avatar

Man-Hungry Pieslinger

I like this feature as well!!! Thanks for putting all that stuff back from whence it came!!!
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Quotable Lunatic

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I love it!
It makes Threads so much easier to access
I can go to my subscribed without clicking a bunch of things!
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Dedicated Dabbler

Yes, more navi options are better. It makes surfing easier and faster. Like
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Yeah, Inventory would be cool. >.>

And please never kill it. So handy to find posts and topics. Makes advanced browsing faster
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I ♥ IT! now i can keep track of my inventory and sell stuff when i want to biggrin
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Lonely Phantom

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Oh good! I was thinking an inventory button would be so much easier, and then I found this. Thanks!
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Bring 09 menus back 3nodding
Very good heart
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I am glad to have navigation options back. It simplifies things for me so that I can get to where I need to go in as few clicks as possible; because let me tell you, my mouse constantly clicking can get annoying as ever! xd

Glad to have this back~ heart
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My Meebo seems to not be on my Gaia for a long time now, it's starting to annoy me, what do I do?
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Fluffy Cleric

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Love it and have used it for ages XP
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pretty cool...better than the white biggrin
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Shameless Enabler

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I like these menus alot!! I feel like i have alot more freedom at my fingertips! AND we still have the cool links from the last update.

My favorite is accessing my stuff in the forums with one click. Less digging through my posts means quicker acess to where i left off in my topics.

Thank you for giving us the option of putting back these links! I sure enjoy them!! emotion_bigheart

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