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Lonely Phantom

I don't know what's happened with the menus lately, but they aren't whole. I don't know if this is because of a change in the site or something, but it's sort of ugly and should be fixed.
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I really do love this feature. It's nice to have trade, fishing, and a lot of those other classic menu options listed on the menu once again. Trade is pretty important anyways, I actually had a hard time figuring out how to do that again since the option wasn't as easy to come across as it was in the old days. Whoever made this minor, albeit great improvement deserves a pat on the back. *pat*


Oh yeah, and the journal too! I know so many people like using other blogs and whatnot for their daily rantings, but when I just wanna talk about Gaia I go to my Gaia Journal!
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Malevolent Lunatic

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stare Navigation menu now looks EXACTLY as it's supposed to with this feature. twisted
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PowerUser Menus:
We took away some key features from the main navigation menus a few months ago. This lab feature will make it easy for experienced users to find their way to deeper parts of the site.

This Lab feature allows you to restore those links:
Journals, Trade, Clans, My Posts, My Topics, My Subscribed Threads
Mods and above have a little something-something special.

I'll look into adding "Inventory" since more than 50% of responses so far have mentioned it.

Awesome, and thankyou.
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Playful Guildswoman

I can't tell any difference whether or not I have this feature activated. Am I missing something?
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Man-Hungry Lovergirl

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I've had this feature since it came out and it's great! Thanks guys!
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Benevolent Vampire

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This has been my favorite of the Gaia Labs features as it makes getting to those places that used to be on the menus by default easier to get to. I don't want to imagine navigating Gaia without it.
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Thanks for the choice of putting them back :3
I missed my trade and clans so much and it was much harder to navigate when half of the perdy buttons were gone, its much better now. My navigation bar finally feals complete I hated it when they went missing.
my fishing is back and works but its ubber laggy please look in to this.
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Dapper Dabbler

I had NO idea this existed until about 10 minutes ago! :/
I wish there were some sort notification of new things in Gaia Labs? I feel like maybe I'd have remembered hearing about it ...

I haven't used it yet,
But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, regardless. TOTALLY wish I would have known about it from the start.
SO glad those missing links are here!!!

Do you receive any sort of direct feedback from the links themselves? or just from users? Like, what percentage of people have a. chosen to activate this feature and b. which parts of the feature they are using the post?

PS. Pleeease consider keeping this permanently! =)
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Sparkly Genius

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/does anyone know how you can get this lab
I love it. It is so much easier to navigate to various things now.
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I didn't realize this existed until I was on a co-owned mule where a friend had set it up, and had it set up with the Inventory button under MyGaia and I was like "What is this!? Why don't I have it? It's so wonderfully convenient!" So I tracked it down today and added it.

Thank you so much.
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meesa likey likey...................

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