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I really like the return of the IM option, and the new Share Page thing looks like it could possibly be very useful. The look of the new footer also pleases me. It's not so big and obvious, and I probably won't care that I cannot collapse it.

That being said, however, I mainly use my footer for the Quick Links and I like being able to edit them freely. I'll try this new footer out for a while longer, but I may end up deactivating it, just to get the customizable Quick Links back.

Edit: The IM box says I have no friends online, even though My Gaia says they're online.
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Anything else we should add? Do you find this useful? Please try it out and let us know!

Actually, it's looking pretty nifty as-is. My only problem seems to be that whenever I refresh the page, the Meebo window pops open displaying who's all online. It's very frustrating for it to pop up when I navigate to another page or refresh the page. Other than that, I'm not having any other issues.

I'm using Firefox on a Windows Vista Home machine if it matters at all.
The IM bar isn't working for me. Like it doesn't even show up..help? xD
When I turn it on, there is nothing for the footer. It's just a blank space.
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Ah the old Meebp bar. I've toyed with it in the past and ended up liking the Wibiya one better. However, given what Gaia is trying to use the Meebo bar for, probably a good choice. I'm not sure if it's my ad blocker or not, but I'm also very happy to see that ADs that usually come with it turned off. As for buttons:
Share page I doubt I'll use. If I share anything on Gaia, it goes through Tweetdeck. Quick links I do use. I don't add stuff to it on a regular basis, but it would be nice to have that functionality back. Friends online isn't really a button so moving on... Live Updates I'm interested in seeing get populated and used. I'd be really neat if alerts for those mini zOMG events popped up in there with a link to go to zOMG to join in on them. Finally, the chat button. None of my Gaia friends show up right now as none have opted in. Furthermore, I already have a program for all the other networks it supports and I like that a heck of a lot better. That said, Chat will probably end up collecting dust for me, just like GIM did.
Bottom line: interesting concept idea. However I don't think I'll be making full use of it. Also, can it come in black? razz Seriously though, color options would be nice.
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I'm having troubles with this new chat system ..
When I click on the word , " Sign in to Gaia Online to chat " .
They show this link , http://www.gaiaonline.com/login/auth
I just dont get it neutral
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This is a pretty nifty feature. That way I can chat with my Gaia buddies without having to exchange email adresses. But I would totally love it if it was collapsable like the old footer. And I also just noticed that you can't edit your quick links list which is a major bummer. Please enable us to edit our quick links.
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I enjoy the footer, but if the advertisement were on the right side instead of the left I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing.
Besides that, the entire thing looks much nicer than the old footer. I like the way the options on the right slide into each other.
Though, there's no collapse button? That would be a good addition.
The IM box says I have no friends online, even though My Gaia says they're online.
They might have the footer turned off.

@topic: Don't know if it was mentioned before, an option to add quicklinks?
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Is there a way for it not to keep popping up everytime i open a new tab to gaia or refresh my page?
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pretty decent but i think it needs more options for customization like colors and schemes etc,also i have to log in to my meebo account(non gaia provided one) to be able to use my yahoo messenger, otherwise i cant even find it to sign into it
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Wibya. I actually really like this one. It is less intrusive. Good job!
I'd like to be able to sing-in to WLM though. That would be nice.

Also... a button to minimize would be nice also.

Make believe...
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need some big time bug cleaning!!
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OK! On the IM:
YAY! It works and its not slow. Which is a bonus.

It pops up EVERY TIME I get an IM and that is annoying because it gets in the way of my posts and things I am reading. PLEASE MAKE IT FLASH INSTEAD BECAUSE IT IS IRRITATING.

I'd also like a feature to detach it from the tool bar, like FB possibly in another window because I do see my self using this.

Lastly, MSN, yahoo please and thank you.

The toolbar its self:
Clean simple and I really like it. Notifications and quick links don't work and that makes me sad.
I'd also like sharing to tumblr.

It loads a lot slower than the old footer and by a lot slower I mean it takes 20 seconds to load after the page has loaded, but the pages load slower.

Make believe...
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User Image

Enough said.
You have them everywhere else on the site, why put them in an inconvenient place?
I shall remove the bar promptly.

EDIT: Wait... some of this is actually cool! Nevermind.
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Love it whee heart

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