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I found the old footer intrusive and collapsed it. But I love the editable Quick Links. I hope the new one will have those same two features, because I don't use any of the other features but do use Quick Links all the time. Thank you!
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1) I can access more than one IM at a time and can even log into my own meebo account.

2) It looks more modernized than the last bar.

3) The quick links are with the only links I'll ever need.


1) The fact that it's meebo means that it'll sign on and off more constantly than a hacker on a fool's holiday.

2) The bar reminds me of an i-pod, easy to use but can not be modified for personal uses. Which while some people will enjoy, others will despise. Like for instance, "where's my stalker box? crying "

3) Ads in the corner are really troublesome, while it's understandable why they are there, if I leave my mouse their too long the screen explodes with the ad and starts playing it loudly. That can be quite a problem while profile hopping.

Overall, I'm going to deactivate it. While I love it when Gaia experiments (I have almost all of the labs activated), this was one they tried and failed. Sorry devs, you're just going to have to just make one from scratch that works as efficiently as this one.
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I liked it but it seemed to interfere with my tektek toolbar or something, the smileys kept popping up, I had to disable it to stop it D: It made it so I couldnt type and the whole page was getting covered with smileys and it slowed my computer when I did that, it did that even after I exited and restarted firefox
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I haven't ever used the IM but to tell people that I'm not [ JK ] so I doubt I'll get a chance to test, let alone use, the IM feature. I don't understand what the Accounts and Live Updates do. I'm guessing they're part of Meebo? Nothing happens when I hover over them or click on them. I also don't get what the "Share Page" button does. When I click it, my window is tinted grey with the little Meebo pop-up at my mouse, and when I click again, it just stays tinted so I have to refresh the page to do anything.

I'm just having technical user difficulties with this thing, I guess. xD
The only thing I ever use out of the footer is the quick-links anyways. As long as I have access to them in some form (footer or otherwise), I'll be happy.
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I really like this...in theory. I love meebo and I love Gaia. But this suffers from the same problem of facebook chat, in that it is a chat utility that needs to reload every time I load a page. Kinda interrupts things a bit.

I'll keep it in for a bit cause I definitely like the look of it and it's still pretty much as functional as the other one. I definitely like the ability to use Gaia IM at least.
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The new footer is pretty neat, though I don't really use those other features...

Would like the collapse option like before. It'd be nice if we could rearrange the placement of options.

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[~. Eh, I'm gonna have to pass. The old footer had it's problems but it was kinda cool how it reflected back on the header. Even though it was dull and not every useful, it still felt like it was apart of the site. The boring gray, it just screams facebook, not Gaia.
pirate .~]
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the advertisement is a turn-off, i subscribed to the monthly gold mainly for the option to remove advertisements from the site, and having one on the bar is awfully annoying and distracting when it contains movement.

Ditto for this one.
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Whenever I click on the "Sign in to Gaia Online to chat" tab on the footer, I get redirected to this URL


And I see this page

Can someone explain to me why this is happening? I was really excited to be able to chat with my Gaia friends via IM.

I really hope this can be rectified soon.
Thank you for your help.
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I dont have a toobar :s never did in this account. so i dont have that thing :/
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to many ads popping up. done got on my nerves! *deactivate*
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Looks pretty cool. Not sure about the color and as long as you do make a "collapse toolbar" button. Everything will be great.
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In Chrome, I have a reload of the IM each time I change a page. It's very distracting. Is there any way to make this a popout like Google Chat?

I miss not seeing who's online on Gaia. The IM doesn't display that.

Also miss the clothing option when I wanted to click for a quick change.

Quick links don't seem to be working for me. I can't get anything to come up when I push the button in Chrome.

And I saw one ad, it showed up in a very annoying place with a globe that was larger than the footer. Thus it layered over what I was reading. I'm not sure what control you have over those ads but I think they should remained confined to the footer so the user experience isn't changed.

Last, like most folks here, I think that design-wise this footer is not Gaia-like. The other footer has the flavor of the site in mind. I'd like to see that in this footer if I were to use it long term.
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the footer isn't loading at all for me. :(
i'm using chrome and logged out/in, but still not here.

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