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its about time this thing came out >:O ive been waiting ever since the day the outfit feature came out
The Geneticist
I love this feature and I was so excited when I found it, but I think 10,000g is WAY too much! There are soo many people who would love to have more outfit slots but don't even have the chance to have more because they can't afford it. Why should we have to pay for something like that? =(

10k is nothing on Gaia nowdays. If anything, it should be more expensive.

You get 4 free slots already, so it is absolutely fair. You get the free ones, you want extra you pay some gold. Gold sink.

Not everything will be handed to you on a platter.
i think this feature is probly a good idea but a little too expensive for people who are trying to save up for dream avis and such
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Tiny Victory

Love the feature, and the fact that it's a gold sink.
We need more of those.

And for anyone still having the "undefined" problem,
just clear your cache and you should be fine and dandy.User Image
Yay sixth page!

thank for the new feature, though I kinda thought it was alittle too much just to add more closet space.
Other than that, Thanks! ^^
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I bought an outfit slot. Very nice~! And it should make for a wonderful gold sink, too!
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i say this is a good feature but to think of others i think u should lower the price,10k is too much for the people on gaia without allot of mony,i say 5k is reasonable enough
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thank you so much for this. for a while it was a burden switching around all items for different outfits. iv'e purchased 4 extra slots!

this is hands down one of the best features in the gaia labs.
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its a very good idea, more outfits for all of us! ^.^
I really have no clue, on were to buy extra slots for clothes. And please tell me how much they are before I see cause I'm dead up cheap.
This is expensive
LOVE the goldsink.

To those who think this is to expensive, think about name changes, you get 2 free ones and then you pay 10k, this is not a new 'thing' on gaia to have to pay to get more.

Its an amazing way to sink out some of the gold and I think the ones who change outfits most often are ones who can probably spare the 10k.
Well, it seems to be working for me, but it's not.

I mean, I can flip through the pages - bought two extra slots - and they save the outfits functionally.

But when I click on one of the outfits - any one of them - to change into, nothing happens. I just remain in whatever outfit zaade's wearing.
-i will help you find your way-
how do you perchase more slots
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Love the fact that i can save more "looks". =P
Just got to fix the buying bugs. Last time, my little bro got some more closet space, and it said her didn't. Before you know it, all his saved looks had been deleted! Thankfully not his items.

But other then those bugs....
Love it!!!

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