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Gumby v2
Wish I could sell some slots back..

i second that.. and not for half price either
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Since many users have requested it, I have made it possible for users to purchase an additional 8 outfit slots, for a maximum of 12. Head on over to the avatar page and buy more!

I also updated the global Outfits Changer (another labs featuer) to use the same UI and code as the avatar outfits page, so if you have it enabled, you can purchase more outfits without having to leave this page!

I have a few female friends that have asked me so I will ask it of you.. Why only 20 different slots are only available and not more if people want them?
Thank you for your speedy reply to this subject.
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i love the outfit concept here because im often finding new 'looks' for my avatar, though always keeping to a theme of a skunk, though honestly im not really loving the costs attached to having an extra slot... i mean, sure, it might not be much of a cost, but all you really need to do is just delete one you no longer love quite as much? i think if it was free it would be amazing :3 but i still will buy slots, because- im the kind of gaian who likes to have a nice full wardrobe XP

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I hate it they need to ask u if your sure you want to buy it
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Feedback :
10k is a bit much in my opinion.
5 k makes more sense in my opinon. maybe 15-20 Gcash instead of gaia gold option too
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More, more, more I say
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Still love this idea, but the slots are way to expensive. confused heart
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Need more than 20 please question
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I say that we should be allowed to have as many outfit slots as we want as long as we can pay the what 10k-20K?, so we won't have to get rid of outfits we like when we run out of slots.
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LOVE the extra outfit slots, I'd buy more if I could xD
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Will there be anymore purchasable slots for the "outfits"? What if we have a serious stock of gaia items and outfit ideas and we have like much more than we have the current max amount of slots for and we still wish to keep our old outfits too?
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Nice but it is so expensive to buy slots wish it was cheaper.
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I need more slots
I need more slots

I've heard that we'll be adding more, but that they need to figure out the pricing of the slots first. You'll be able to buy as many as you want soon enough!

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