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I went to buy outfit slots and thought that 10K gold was a half way decent deal for a half a dozen slots; then I found out that was the price for each slot individually. gonk Not too cool. I don't want to sound unappreciative but let's be honest, that's a lot of gold just to save one outfit. I know that having 4 free ones to start with was actually pretty cool but having to pay so much more for so little? There could have been a better deal on them. Especially for people like me who put in the occasional cash 'donation'. Would have been much nicer if you gave out a slot for each dollar spent IRL. Or at least one per MC or some sort of deal of that nature. Could someone maybe think about that?

OOOhhhh Yeah!! I will second, third, and fourth THAT comment!!! I thought the very same thing when I went to buy more slots and was quite miffed! I do buy GC and support the site Very Well, but why does it seems that I have to sell my right arm and left leg to buy outfit slots? I have so much crap in my inventory that I would like to sell as outfits to starter Gaians at a very reasonable cost but I can't because I REFUSE to pay 10-20k for any more outfit slots! Besides that, you can only list 10 things for sale at a time on the Marketplace, so of course I'm gonna list my higher priced ones because I need the gold and I do A LOT of donating to Pete's dumpster. BTW, I do appreciate everything the Admins donate as well. Pete's the best...Next to Louie heart of course! Respectfully, Miss Karma
I think we shouldn't buy outfit slots! Us gaians spend gold/gaiacash on items for games like omgpop or our avatars, that we forget that we have to buy the slots! Frankly, I think we don't need them at all!
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honistly i dont understand why you should have to buy them they should be free ensted of wasting money on more room for a outfit unless your a girl lol
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I want more than 20.
The price is fine.
Awsome this helps me alot twisted
Thank you for more space xp
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smile blaugh

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wel... i dont like the price.. but its sure is usefull
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I hate how I have to spend 10k,20k, etc FOR ONE ADDITIONAL SLOT. I love the slots, they make it easier for me to save things I really love but seriously... I am not going to dish out 10k each time I want a new slot.
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The price for the outfit save slots in my opinion is fine for what you get.
Its comparable to other gaia "first few times are free functions"*.
*[for lack of a better term]

Some examples.
Name change. First 2 changes are free. 10,000 gold is compounded for every extra change after the first two..
Gender change. Two free changes then it is 50,000 gold each change after.
And so on~ hair, eyes, skin, fish for aquarium and cars for rally ~ just to name a random sampling.
A lot of things in gaia are free at first then cost gold to get more of after.

I am just happy that we can use in-game currency [gold] to buy the slots, and not real life money [gaia cash] for them.
hi.. i am deea.. smile
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hi biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin ninja mrgreen cheese_whine wahmbulance

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