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Since many users have requested it, I have made it possible for users to purchase an additional 8 outfit slots, for a maximum of 12. Head on over to the avatar page and buy more!

I also updated the global Outfits Changer (another labs featuer) to use the same UI and code as the avatar outfits page, so if you have it enabled, you can purchase more outfits without having to leave this page!
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it isnt working for me. This comes up.
The outfits function seems to have disappeared completely from my avatar dressingroom page.

Panic over. Its back, and now with new features. whee Thanks for this update, its very useful.
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Woo hoo! I love this feature! Thank you for more space!! smile
heart heart heart
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Yay! I'm really glad for this! It's not working for me though. :l
Yay first page.
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its noot working =
blah... i was so excited too
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Thank you for making this, but also for making it a gold sink. Already doubled my outfits with room for more if needed.
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I would love it if I even had my closet button right now.
Rather depressing when I have an art contest running, and I kept switching between my avatars, but the button gone means I can't with ease.
Please return it?
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I think that by adding this feature, it killed the other closet feature.
I can't open either closet, at all.
I was able to open them earlier today, but now I can't.
I click them like crazy, but neither of them open.

Please fix this, Gaia.
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My outfits page loads just fine and I think this is a FANTASTIC idea.

More outfits and a new gold sink. It's awesome. Thank you so much for this. <3
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Shattered Cobalt

It kinda started working, but the message quoted above keeps popping up, when I use the footer closet.
When I use the dressing room closet, nothing shows up in the save slots, and I can't click the buttons.

Edit: It works now.

Edit: Only the footer closet works.
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I get this...not even an option for anything.

User Image
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I just payed for 2, but only recieved one additional slot....

I'd like to get that 10k I payed for the nonexistant slot back. Its alot of gold to lose for something like this.
nevermind. I can live with a glitched loss of money. It is still a new feature
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Now we can buy more slots! Yay! Thank you!! heart

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I get this...not even an option for anything.

User Image
User Image

I'm getting the same problem.

User Image

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