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Where is it? I activated it but I cannot find it anywhere D: Helllp
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awesome awesome awesome!
I love the Outfit Changer, it just needs to be easier to edit an already made outfit. Right now you have to equip that outfit, change what you want, delete the old one, and save a new one.
Woohoo! Sounds awsome! =DD
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It works well and it is flawless. Good job! biggrin I didn't have any problem with going to the outfit changer before, so it does seem a bit superfluous.
I know its been around since late last year, but I gotta admit, it comes in handy when you want to change an outfit, or dont feel like re-equippin some things. Only thing I wonder about is are we gonna have more slots? I like 4 but I want more! xp Keep this outfit changer it works out, especially if you forgot an old avi that you dont use and would like to use it later on and be like,"hey, havent worn this in a while lemme put it on." 3nodding
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I think its pretty handy but more slots for avis woul be more awesome
I love this feature. But I wish there were more slots for more outfits.
WTF. I cant find the app ANYWHERE. It said I activated it but I cant find it. Someone help me ;-;;;;
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I won't use it often, but it is a good idea that takes up some free space, and I might need to change my avi quikly so ya it's good.
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i activated it where is it?
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ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now its easier for me to change my style as well as my theme in a quicker amount of time, and now my hard work won't go to waste and then me having to look through everything that i had on heart but i think that we should have more room than just 4 sweatdrop
It would also be nice if we could change our hair along with it with out having to go waste gold at Salon Durem just to buy hair that will go with each avi....
See this link, look how many people voted for this:
Hair Petition
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Awesomeness ^_^
Only thing I wish could be better would be that you could have more than just 4 outfits saved.
But other than that, great!
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I like this idea a lot. It saves me the trouble have having to load up the My Avatar page and having to look through my outfits. 3nodding I do hope that in the future, you will add more slots for outfits. Buut...to be nit picky, I do not like the black border that goes around the outfit you select. :/ It's not appealing, plus it doesn't border the box, so it needs to have its dimensions adjusted.

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