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why must the real ones..


its alot better then having to go all the way to your home page and junk...i like it biggrin D

...be fiction?

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Add more spaces, please. This is probably one of my most favorite features in all of Gaia. Gaia is all about avatars and this is a very welcome addition.
As a person who does change her avi often, I think this is brilliant! However, I still wish you could save more than four outfits . . .
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YES! A reason to use the footer!

...Except that, of course, we will need more closet space. LOTS AND LOTS MORE. > biggrin
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Love the idea! Definitely convenient to have.

Super minor nitpick, but the word "Outfits" looks really close to the dresser icon, maybe add a tiny bit larger of a space between the two..
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I think this is one of the best features you could have created. I'm definitely one of those people who like to change every five minutes. c:
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I think this is nifty and a good idea, but I don't think I'd use it that often. I like being creative with my five minutes outfit changes. XD
pretty cool. when i figure out how to use it DX
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What are these loops you go through to change your outfit? Outfits changing has always been one of the easiest things to do on Gaia, in my opinion, though I do find the ability to save outfits super handy!
Yeah, I gotta say I absolutely love this feature! Although I still await the day when we can store up to 8 outfits.... XD T'would be awesomeness!
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Where is it located?
I can't see it?
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I love the outfit changer, but we need more slots for outfits!
Its not working sad
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So Gaia has this Outfit changer feature that is way too hidden. I became frustrated with having to go through loops to change my outfit. So I decided to enable it on every page so that we can change our outfits at will.

This feature makes changing outfits a lot more useful, as well as more fun. Please let us know how you like it. Enjoy!

Special thanks to ania1899. She helped out with some of front end work. Woohoo!

Magnificent idea!

Personally, I have a zOMG! outfit, a roleplay Forum outfit,
a 'my opinion is-' Forum outfit, and a cute every other time, outfit.

So this is of MAJOR convienence to me! I, too, forgot that it was there at times
when I would be in accessorizing in the main closet.

But now! It's like a new quick link!

Thank you for making Gaia, once again, a very easily navigable site for all!

All your hardwork is worth it, I can promise you that. heart

- R.C. -'s avatar


That is so awesome. xD If this feature stays, and we get more pages of outfits, it'd just be perfect.
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