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This is fantastic, but it needs to be much more obvious at a glance whether or not we can click on the outfits button. The first time I changed, I was just testing it - I instantly wanted to change back. My cursor didn't stay over the button long enough to see the mouseover as more than a flash - if a new user didn't spot that flash, they wouldn't know why the button wasn't reacting. smile
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I have completely disabled my footer so... meh.
The four slots wouldn't be enough anyway (I change at least five times every day) - so it's easier to remember how the items work together instead XD

I have found a major fault. It seems that once I clicked "save" I can't delete an outfit. I update my outfits more frequently than my avatar, please let me delete and rework quirks again :/

Thank you.

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Still want more saved outfits, butttt....

There is one thing that REALLY bothers me about this.

The image for the GaiaIM, Inbox, and Friends List are all on the left, while the text is on the right. But the dresser image for the outfits is on the right. It looks silly. whee I hate to think that this could keep me from using such a handy feature, but I like my screen to look organized.
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It's a nice idea...but only 4 slots for outfits? I thought this feature was for people who change their avatar all the time...that also means that they need more variety and 4 slots isn't going to cut it.
This is a very nice feature, thanks for adding it! :3 It should be really handy.
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Fabulous, the only problem is the fact that it needs more slots to save outfits in.
I don't only have four outfits.
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Loving this so much! I Approve.
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Make the "s" in "save" capitalized! ;o

Also the black box around the selected outfit looks kind of.... generic. >__>;
I love this feature
and I'd like to have more slots.
Very much like this idea.
the outfit changer is good. now i can have an outfit for winter, summer, spring, and fall. hell yeah wink
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I like this feature.
Though I personally think, that the outfit saver thingy should definitely have more than four spaces.
Especially if something like this was made permanent.


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[colod=darkred] People might shoot me for this, but this is one of the best features in a long time, and extra storage space might be a warranted pay feature. (don't go overboard)
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I love it, but there should be more than 4 slots
fabulous idea!!!! biggrin it was fun to make different versions of my avi to put into my outfit box, since i hadn't kept on it... now there's more of a reason for it! biggrin

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