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It is too cropped that it becomes harder to read the posts seperatly.
how do i take this off ? T_____T Neko no like ....
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Tried it and I hope this feedback can help to improve it. gaia_kittenstar

It looks good but I feel that it lacks so much. emotion_sweatdrop emotion_sweatdrop emotion_sweatdrop

Here are my cons. emotion_facepalm
gaia_crown The smileys don't show. (It is what makes the forum lively sometimes.. )
gaia_crown The avi is too cropped. (It showed blanks when the avis were pet displays and such. Maybe they could try to show half the avi instead of just the face?)
gaia_crown It doesn't show when other people are online/offline. (I do want to know, you know?)
gaia_crown It looks too compressed. (Like I can hardly see where I am supposed to be looking at and it was suffocating my eyes. burning_eyes LOL)
gaia_crown It loads a whole page after you tipped a post instead of just a small notice. ( Just why?)
gaia_crown I think this is also the reason why my Randoms Rolls and dice games don't show up. (hope the admin can fix this, i couldn't keep up with forum games....)
gaia_crown LAST, it doesn't show the functions in battle for Spirit of Summer. ( I was really wondering how to battle with all the hype from it. I was just randomly bumping in those forums not knowing what was happening at all. emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant

Well, I wouldn't put my PRO's because we all know why it is made.~

Anyways, I hope they improve this somehow for those individuals FORUM LITE was intended for so that they can effectively use it. emotion_yatta emotion_brofist

The text version of the smileys really ticked me off for teh most part!!! emotion_0A0
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I don't particular like the colors, though - like the fact that there's that blue gradient at the top of every post. It's not attractive.

well it is your thinking stare
It's a good start. I'd like to still se the share on Facebook link, though.

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