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Dear Lord. I was so tempted to quote the last person who posted, but I resisted the urge.

When Forums Lite was activated, I couldn't view any of the emoticons, which was...strange. I could only see the name of the picture in bold. I don't really have that much of an opinion on it overall. It's just different, not terrible or amazing.
I mean, I don't really do al the work to go to forums in the first place. I honestly just depend all my trust to ppl quoting me.
its okay it seems like all you really did was take off some interfaces and logos thats it ... doesnt really seem like you guys did much in this one i mean i kinda like it but still
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New! Labs feature Forums Lite will let you experience faster Forums. It's a new clean and uniform look with no signatures, aquariums, and no post actions. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Important Note: Forums Lite will not let you participate in Gaia Events, but you can always easily switch back to the regular Forums. It is an experiment, so it might be disabled from labs at any time.

* quick reply button is working now
* subscribe/unsubscribe button is working now too
* when mousing over the head-shot, full avatar can be viewed
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I would love it if not for the lack of full avatars. They're sort of the major point of the site.
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Cool, but spoilers dont work, they are totally open and cant be closed
It is a thumbs down from me. I can see how it makes things easier, but it also eliminates things that I come to forums for particularly ogling avatars and signatures. This takes others work to make a signature and flushes it. I think if you cold at least make full avi a part of this it wouldn't be as bad.
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It bites. The whole reason for gaia are the avi's so getting rid of them is defeating the point.
Okay so I had activated the forums lite and obviously didn't remember it because one day everything looked different but I didn't think much of it. Cause, you know, it's ******** Gaia.

Then I started realizing that spoilers would just stay open without being able to close, emoji's were just bolded words, and then there's this. I'm just gonna leave it here cause I'm not bothering with resizing. I realize I'm kind of ocd but seeing all of the 'tabs' is so distracting. The whole point of putting them is to have a clean looking post and it's just terrifying.

Not being able to pm, send trade to someone, etc. from their avi is pretty annoying after awhile.

Gradually I grew to hate the forums lite and thank god someone reminded me it was activated.
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Can someone PLEASE tell me how to deactivate this? I hate the update and I can't figure out how to disable it because apparently I'm a genius ):
Luscious Lovebug
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to deactivate this? I hate the update and I can't figure out how to disable it because apparently I'm a genius ):
from the my gaia menu go to labs then deactivate forums lite.

all the gripes above, also the speech bubbles were broken. i understand the use case for it - you want to provide a minimal experience for say, dialup users. but it breaks functionality, as others mentioned.
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I like seeing the full avatars.
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I didn't like it. I like to see the full avatars of people and I like looking at signatures.

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