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I like forum-lite quite a bit, but I'd really like to be able to tell if people are online or not. And to be able to see people's signatures is also nice, but I don't feel it's as pressing as not knowing where the posters are.
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I like it, but my only complaint is not being able to see online statuses, signatures, and full avatars. There should be buttons on forums lite that allow you to view them (like, one signature at a time).
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Maybe you could have users' names change color or have a yellow glow to their names to alert other Forums Lite users if and when a user is online. I love that signatures are by default disabled and not shown while using Forums Lite. It would be nice if while rolling the mouse over a user's avi that his/her username doesn't also appear and obstruct the view. Forums Lite would be neat if active while in a guild's forums as well.

Thank you to all of you who made Forums Lite. 3nodding heart
Need to add ability to keep post actions for dice rolls and number generators.
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Is there anyway that when you see the full avatar the name won't pop up?? I would like it a lot more, still for things like Halloween it will make life easier.
i don't now ? its cool?
its wonderful, beauty, its great . i love that !!!! smile
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I do like it as it lags a lot less, but I could agree that the full avatar's body could be shown. ^^
the game is great!!! smile i love FORUMS LITE!!! heart
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I hate the forums lite, I miss being able to pm somebody with our copying their username or going to their profile.
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Ehhh didn't like it. If i cant see the AVI I don't want it. (iphone and blackberry user)
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I would like it better if you could see the sigs.
The Forum Lite option is efficient but makes the forum experience a bit impersonal because of the inability to see full avatars with each of their posts.

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