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Yes 0.20803522289488 20.8% [ 378 ]
No 0.36708860759494 36.7% [ 667 ]
Kinda 0.42487616951018 42.5% [ 772 ]
Total Votes:[ 1817 ]
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kinda lame its to striped down and i find it frustrating
Awful. I hate it.
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Shirtless Genius

I'm not a fan.. I like seeing the full avatars and siggies.. Some people live off what is detailed in their sigs. Please don't take that away from us gonk
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I adore being able to see avi's
as a matter of fact the topic I play
around on most is heavily centered
around what your avatar looks like.

And if you can't see the sigs on the
forums then what good are they.
sure you can see it on you profile
but most people have their profiles
set on privet . it's bad for meme
spreading D=
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Super Grabber

it's good for when i am on my smart phone since there is no app for android still crying but when i'm on my laptop its bad since i can't play booty grab and see da nice fish swimming about smile
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Good for browsing on a phone but I like being able to see full avatars. :<
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Kawaii Hoarder

I like it a lot because it loads so much faster on my small laptop, but I don't like that there aren't buttons for PM/trade/etc.
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I like how the posts look. Its kinda cool

I hate how you can't see the WHOLE avi. Whats the point in making your Avi look AWESOME if noone can see it?!
I like how the posts look. Its kinda cool

I hate how you can't see the WHOLE avi. Whats the point in making your Avi look AWESOME if noone can see it?!
mouse over the avi head.
I may very well use this. I don't see a "Quick Reply" feature, though. An option to allow the viewing of signatures may be something. Just something to toggle on and off somewhere at the top.
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Yes I like it, I personally don't mind not seeing signatures, some are annoying and take up space.
Also the whole 'I can't see the avatar' They said just mouse over it if you want to see it so bad!
still needs ability to use post actions. I need dice for my Play by post!
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Vicious Fatcat

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I think its great, and really fast. Easier to do bumping jobs.
And its more organized.

But it can use improvements.
For example, make it like the old style, although keep the
roll over mouse on avatar to see the whole avi, I think its cool,
and the for the gradient It'd be nice to be able to change color
individually to match the avatar (just my opinion).

And return the signatures
People, including I, wants to be able to see people's signatures.
The signatures is also where guilds, shop, aquariums and such
can be founded. It helps people find things. And its easier to get
taps on people's aquariums,I tap every aquarium I see on a sig
with or without fish.

Or (just stating ideas) put like a drop down that says
"Click here to see this Gaian's Signature"
or something, and won't redirect you to a different page.
Kinda like how you would preview while editing your signature, like
"[+] Click here to preview your text as it will appear in your profile. "
It could help the slowing down.

And keep the Post actions, that help keep a thread active.

I'm just stating my opinions and summarizing some ideas I've
read in the thread.
I don't need the negative feedbacks, for I could careless about them.

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